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Tomorrow two of our youngest Haiti team members, Tara & Sophia, leave for Haiti for their first internship. They will be in Haiti for 6 weeks, spending their final week with our team that leaves on June 28th.

This is a very exciting time for both Aslan Youth Ministry and Step of Faith Ministry. Our partnership has formed so many lasting bonds in Haiti and this is one of our most exciting ones. Tara and Sophia will learn what it is really like to live in Haiti as they “live as they live” for 6 weeks. They will be staying at the mission house but living as the family lives. The generator will not be running all night providing light and fans. They will be doing some of their own cooking and cleaning along with grocery shopping.

They have a packed schedule that allows for time to ‘shadow’ Joseph and be involved with daily Haiti activities. Some of their main focuses will include starting a malnutrition program, teaching English to the 30 students who started last summer in the English program, teaching English to the medical staff and support staff, as well as meeting with the youth and discussing various important topics to help them grow as Christians. They are also excited to have weekly classes to learn Creole and learn more about the Haitian culture. 

Tara & Sophia will be growing in their own Christian walk, seeking the Lord as to His plans for their lives.

We are so proud of them!

Please keep them in your prayers over the next 6 weeks. Allyn, Tara’s mom, is also joining them for the first 5 days to get them situated and help get the medical side of the internship started. Thank you Allyn!

We will keep you posted as we stay connected with them.

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On May 30th Sophia and Tara are headed to Haiti for a 6 week internship. Through our partnership with Aslan Youth Ministry, years of prayer and preparation and God’s perfect timing, these girls are able to experience one of their heart’s desires…

 This trip will be Sophia’s 7th time and Tara’s 3rd time in Haiti.  

For the first 5 weeks the girls will be investing their time and talent with the community of Lac’ajue. Tara, a nursing student, will be (with the help of her mom Allyn’s experience and input) starting a malnutrition program in the community, carried out through the Clinic of Hope on the Aslan property. She will also be meeting with 30 youth on a weekly basis to discuss important medical / faith issues. Sophia will be assisting Tara as needed as well as teaching English to 30 youth (who have been taking our English classes since last summer), and shadowing Joseph on his day to day activities. Both girls will help teach English to the medical staff and Joseph’s family and support staff and weekly will be learning Creole.

The girls will be living at the mission house, a top of Joseph’s home, with Shilove (one of the Clinic of Hope nurses) staying with them at night as a house mom.

They will be learning what it is like to live in Haiti, as a missionary. This will include cooking meals, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, dealing with the unexpected day to day happenings all while deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ and praying for His leading in this area of their lives.

Week 6 our team of 7 will be joining them and finishing up their 6 week internship together!

How did this all start?….

For Sophia, her and I met when she was 13 at Action Gymnastics in Howell. Quickly after meeting her I knew she was a Christian. We talked a lot about the Lord during her classes and I told her about our trips to Haiti. At the ripe old age of 14 she came with us on her first trip.

For Tara, her and her mom Allyn were going to go to Haiti through another church in 2015 but Tara broke her ankle and they were unable to go. Having known Allyn and her family for many years, she approached SOFM to ask if they could go with us in 2016.

All this shows how God’s timing is SOOOOO perfect! Now, years later, both girls are in college and desiring to be used by the Lord in Haiti for these 6 weeks, but possibly for much more time in their future.

Please join us in prayer for them and for their time in Haiti!

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