SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2020



Albania, Haiti

SOFM Relief Work Update

Good Morning Everyone,

We are so thankful to let you know that we have received almost $9000 in relief for both Haiti and Albania! Thank you so much!

We continue to hear how difficult things have become in both countries so our efforts will continue until we see that things have returned to “their normal”. 

Some of the relief in Haiti is being given to our friend Mode and her husband Jean Claude, who is a pastor of many churches around PAP. There is very limited food and what is available is very expensive. The relief money so far given to their community is providing food kits that help feed their families for two weeks at a time as well as sanitary kits that help them with hand washing.

It is so hard for us to imagine what the people of Haiti are enduring right now. With very little medical, food prices that make buying anything unattainable, lack of so many provisions… the list goes on and on. Your support is is enabling people to live another day. The support of the Christian churches are breathing life into some who have been spiritually dead, because now they see Jesus through the provisions and are committing their lives to Him!


At the same time, our families in Lac’ajue are also being given another day to live and worship Jesus because of the outpouring of the donations being given. Support for both food and fuel is now provided through September because of the donations that have come into the relief account. Thank you! And because of the support, our friends and families are able to share their thankful hearts with others and spread the Gospel to those who are not yet followers of Jesus.

Each day Joseph visits two homes to have a time of prayer and to gather together in small groups to thank God for His provision. Many mornings during the week a group travels miles to a mountain top to pray for us, those in NJ, who they love, that we would be protected from the virus. This is so humbling, knowing all that they are enduring day to day.


And our friends in Albania, who have also received donations for their food bundles, continue to preach the Gospel to the Muslims in their towns, and many are receiving Jesus! They are seeing Jesus through the provisions and the joy of those who are bringing the provisions to them.

Along with the provisions, SOFM has committed to providing the funding for their summer bible camp and youth camp again this year. It is at a cost of $4000 to provide for both. We have witnessed the fruit of many Muslims coming to Jesus through these camps and believe that this year there will be even more putting their faith in Jesus because of the dire conditions of the country.

Your support goes directly to the needs that it is designated for and we thank you so much for your support and your prayers! If you or a friend would like to support the relief efforts or the summer camps in Albania, you can do so through our paypal or send a check to:

Step of Faith Ministry / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ 08723

Please designate: Haiti Relief, Albania Relief or Albania Summer Camps

Serving Him Together!


2020 Haiti Trip Postponed


Due to the Covid 19 virus we have postponed our 2020 July Haiti trip until next summer. However, our team would like to raise $3000 this summer for the ministry in Lac’ajue so that it can be used for additional food and fuel needed during this pandemic. We are praying that the virus would continue to remain outside of Ounaminthe and Lac’ajue, but if it does enter, the needs for our friends and families will drastically increase.

If you are able to partner with us, please do so through our Paypal account and put “Haiti Relief” in the memo or you can send a check to:


Step of Faith Ministry / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ 08723 – in the memo: Haiti Relief

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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