12 Years of God’s Faithfulness in Haiti…and counting

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your prayers and support for this year’s Haiti teams. We all are home and many are already planning for next summer! 

Step of Faith Ministry joined forces with Aslan Youth Ministry 12 years ago when Bob Hager was invited by Aslan to look at this area of Haiti during a short 5 day trip. I had the privilege to be on that trip too. Over the past 12 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in so many ways. This year was no exception!

While in Haiti, both teams experienced God’s faithfulness in many ways. Below is one of those stories…

Jeneka… “I want to walk with Jesus”

Joseph likes to ask us to share what the Lord is speaking to us, to the church on a Sunday morning. It was during the second Sunday service that we met Jeneka. I had prepared a message about “What it means to be a servant” out of Phil. 2., yet during the first worship song I heard the Lord tell me that I was not going to give that message, but instead I was to speak about “His faithfulness”…so I said yes. I leaned over to April and asked her to pray for me because God had just changed my message!

About 15 minutes later Joseph invited me up and along with Francis (our interpreter) I spoke about God’s faithfulness and the importance of putting our faith in Him. With no notes, the Spirit took us through a 30 minute message. When I ended, Joseph walked up and put a chair in front of the podium. A young girl sat down. Joseph told me that she had gone up to him and said that the message touched her heart and she wanted to walk with Jesus. Joseph asked me to tell her the Gospel, so I did, with Francis of course. She covered her eyes and cried as she prayed for many minutes. When she stood up, Joseph gathered about 7-8 youth around her and Joseph began to ask her…”What is your name?” She answered, “Jeneka”. Joseph asked her, “Where are you?” She replied, “I am not here.” Her face  looked  hollow and truly looked like she wasn’t there. Joseph started to speak loud and clear to her about Jesus and kept telling “evil spirits to leave her”. At one point she began to scream, with that same hollow look on her face. Joseph asked her those two questions, and her answers were not changing for  about 20-30 minutes. After many prayers, many prayers… Joseph asked her, “What is your name?” She replied, “Jeneka.” Joseph asked, “Where are you?” And Jeneka now replied, “I am here.” With that her one arm raised up and she began to worship.

Joseph told me later that Jeneka had never been to a church. The night before she had a vision and was told to come to this church and see Joseph. Jeneka comes from voodoo. Her family worships voodoo. Jeneka no longer worships voodoo! Jeneka now worships the King of kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!

Later that day, during the children’s program, Jeneka returned and  told Joseph that she told her parents that she had gone to church and they told her that if she returned to the church that she could not live with them. Joseph gathered many youth together and they prayed scripture over her. When they finished, we were all putting chairs away and Jeneka was helping. I went up to her and in my limited Creole, I told her my name, that I had prayed over her and that I would continue to pray for her. She smiled and said “thank you.”

Jeneka does comes to church each Sunday. [picture on the left] And she continues to live at home.  God has also provided a supporter, through one of our teams, who will be paying for her schooling this year. This past Sunday Joseph sent me this picture [on right] with the message: “She sung for God this morning.” Please keep praying for Jeneka and her family. She is now a child of God and He is going to do great things through her!




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