Prayers for Haiti – video update, one year later

Hello Everyone,

Below is an email that I received from World Vision. Many have continued to ask me, “what progress has been made since the quake?” This short video gives a very clear picture of the work that is being done there, through World Vision, and it is encouraging. Please take a few minutes to watch this when you can. And again, thank you for your prayers and concerns.

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World Vision World Vision
Dear Sponsor,

One year ago, on January 12, 2010, the already-vulnerable country of Haiti was struck by a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake. I’ll never forget the heartbreaking scene that met me as I walked through the flattened city of Port-au-Prince shortly after the disaster. Displaced from their homes, millions of Haitians were in desperate need of shelter, medical attention, and other basic necessities.

I recently returned from another visit to the quake-affected region, where thousands of families are beginning to rebuild. During my time there, I was struck by the resilience of the Haitian people. Despite overwhelming challenges, many of those I spoke with expressed gratitude for their lives and hope for the future.

I was also encouraged to see the impact of World Vision’s work in Haiti. In the year since the earthquake hit, we’ve provided nutritious food, clean water, safe shelter, critical medical care, emotional support, and income-generating assistance to the most vulnerable Haitians. And thanks to the ongoing support of generous child sponsors, we’ve also continued to partner with communities outside of Port-au-Prince, equipping families to create a sustainable future.

I invite you to watch a video update from our recent trip and see how generous donors are helping to change lives in Haiti.

Watch a video report from Rich’s trip to Haiti in December 2010.

View full report

Though signs of progress are plentiful, the road to recovery is long. In the months and years to come, World Vision remains committed to the health, safety, and well-being of vulnerable children and families affected by the earthquake. Learn more about our long-term rebuilding efforts and plans to help Haitians build a sustainable future when you view the full report online.

Thank you for your commitment to the children and families of Haiti.

God bless,

/s/ Rich Stearns
Rich Stearns
President, World Vision U.S.

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