6th Annual Haiti Shoe Collection

Shoes for Haiti 2010-2011

Shoes for Haiti

2014 marks the 6th year that Step of Faith Ministry has been collecting NEW shoes for Danita’s children at Hope for Haiti Children Center in Ounaminthe, Haiti.

After spending a month at Danita’s in 2008 I asked Danita what was one of their biggest needs and without hesitation she said, ‘SHOES!’

A pair of shoes in Haiti wears out in about 6 months. Thus started the “Haiti New Shoe Collection” through Step of Faith Ministry.

Because of the outpouring of generosity, each year we have been blessed to collect 100’s of new pairs of shoes for Danita’s children. We have 102 children to bless with shoes this year.

In the fall of 2013 Danita’s children moved into their ‘homes’ and out of the 2 main housing units. Next to their new beds sat a new pair of shoes from last year’s collection. Love that!


When you sign up this year to sponsor a child, you are sponsoring a child to receive 1 pair of new black shoes & socks. If you attend a local church that is involved with the collection:

  • Please fill out the sign-up sheet
  • Take a ‘shoe’ card(s) for each child that you sponsor
  • We are asking for 1 pair of new black shoes per child
  • We will collect extra shoes if they are brought in
  • We would like to also send a couple pairs of socks

If you do not attend one of the local churches and would like to participate in buying a pair of black shoes and some socks, please respond to the following email and further information will be given to you:

The collection will run from January 12 to February 9

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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