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A Joyful Christmas at Maple Leaf

On Saturday, December 10th we held our 4th Annual Christmas Party at the Maple Leaf Clubhouse. This year we invited 1st – 5th graders for an afternoon of fun. With the room decorated and Christmas music playing, the kids were greeted by many volunteers representing some of the local churches [Calvary Pres., St. Paul’s Methodist, Redeemer Fellowship and True Life], as well as some of our junior and senior high students.

All the children started the day hearing about the true meaning of Christmas and were then put into small groups as they went around to the different stations. By the end of the afternoon all the children had fun with a marshmallow toss game and pin the star on the Christmas tree. They also decorated, and some ate, two Christmas cookies and made a beautiful craft that many were going to give as a gift.

There was a table full of goodies to eat as well as hot chocolate to drink. The kids certainly got their fill of sugar!

Some of the women from St. Paul’s Methodist knit beautiful hats that were given as a gift to each child, along with a Bible Verse activity book.

St. Paul’s didn’t stop there… this year the St. Paul’s Christian School provided about 50 gifts for just as many students, of which were picked up on Tuesday.

The yearly Christmas party is such a fun time to spend with the kids. We have much to be thankful for this year as we reflect back on the year and see how many children have heard the Gospel numerous times, how many family members we have been able to help and connect with and how many volunteers look forward to being at the clubhouse each week.

Thank you to all who have taken part in this amazing ministry and all those who continue to pray for us to have a positive influence for the gospel in this place.

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