Albania…One Year Later!

About six years ago SOFM began to partner with Pastor Plator and his churches in Albania…a country that is 73% Muslim. Over the past six years we have helped Melsi and Geno (Muslim converts ) go through seminary, as well as help to fund their summer Bible camp and youth camp. As needs are made known to us, we try to help because we have seen how God uses “our little” to bring many into His kingdom!

This time last year a few of us were in Albania, seeing for ourselves, all that the Lord is doing there. We visited Pastor Plator’s two churches as well as Melsi and Geno’s churches in the neighboring villages. A home was purchased that today is being used for orphaned boys. Many Muslims are coming to Jesus. Many are having dreams and visions that lead them into the Christian churches where they hear about the love of Jesus and receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

The videos above and below highlight a little from this summer’s Bible Camp. Hundreds of children/youth attended this year’s Bible Camp and Youth Camp. 

Please join us in prayers for Plator, Melsi, Geno and all those who are serving along with them in Albania!

If you would like more information about how you can help,  please let us know.

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