All Glory to God in Albania!!

In 2018 a few of us were fortunate enough to go for a “look & see” visit to Albania where we met and experienced what God was doing through Pastor Plator’s growing ministry. Prior to that trip, SOFM had help to put two young men (Muslim converts) through seminary. One of these men was Geno Bregu. Geno started a children’s program in the town of Sovjan [a town predominantly Muslim]. This was one of the Muslim towns that Pastor Plator’s ministry was reaching out to around the area of Libonik. Here are a couple pictures of what the ministry looked like in 2018…





This past Easter weekend all glory was given to God for the work He has done in the town of Sovjan since 2018, as the brand new Sovjan Church was dedicated! With an Albanian business man, born in Sovjan and living in the US, financing the complete construction of this church and the perseverance, commitment and prayer of Geno and his now wife Ela, along with Plator’s vision and evangelistic teams…here is what God has provided!! This church is now a beacon of hope for those who are lost in Sovjan! Please pray for Geno and his ministry there!



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