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Another School Year at the Maple Leaf Tutoring Program

It is hard to believe that this week finished our 4th year with our kids from the Maple Leaf Tutoring Program at the Maple Leaf Apartments. 

With so many volunteers representing the local churches of St. Paul’s Methodist, Calvary Presbyterian, Redeemer Fellowship, Life Chapel and True Life we were able to see God’s hand upon this place, the children and the overall ministry.

And it doesn’t stop this week…

This Saturday Grace Bible Church will be bringing their 2nd annual Soccer Clinic to Maple Leaf along with a community wide BBQ.

Over the summer True Life and St. Paul’s Methodist have invited the children to attend their summer Bible Clubs.

Plus 6 off our ML students and one grandma will be going with us to Atlantic City to serve along side Pastor Santo and New City Fellowship Church.

I’d like to let the children speak to the blessings of this year. At our end of the year party we asked them to write down things that blessed them this year. Here are just a sampling of the many comments that were written down… 

[All copied as they were written]

~ The Helpers are very nice ~ Miss Lory makes the best food- Saniya ~ The helpers are the best ~ Ms. Jen makes the best brownies – Taniya ~ I like when Mr. Tom and Ms. Mayiln help me with my homework ~ Ron is very fun, nice and helpful ~ Daniel showed me some good magic tricks ~ I think, Lori because she is the most helper she is. Lori is a beautiful girl I ever meet. She helped me lots! Love, Cilanie ~ Everything! – Nymir ~ I had a great time ~ This school year is great because of my friends made me laugh and mrs. Pam inspired me to do more ~ Thank you miss Ann for always cleaning up for us ~ They made some really cool crafts ~ The games were really awesome – Angel ~ The volunteers here was so fun and heart warming because they helped us so much even if we were acting up they still came and help us. So what Im trying to say is there nice and I had a great time at homework club this year – Zion ~ Daniel was fun- by Ny’Jean ~ The volunteers were very kind – Angel ~ I had a great time with mr. Van ~ I thank you for helping us with our homework, love noah ~ Thank you for helping us. Thank you for cooking the food, helping us with homework, telling us about God, for putting out games for the party, doing magic tricks. Thank you for being nice ~ Mrs. Lori helped us through homework club, she helped us with our homework and even joked around with us. Well not just Lori, everyone else helped us with our homework and also showed us stuff – Isaac ~ Dear Ms. Pam, you have changed me in many ways. Everytime I leave here I am always happy because of you have given me courage and belief. I hope you remain the way you are and I hope you remain your kind caring self. I love you Ms. Pam! – Amiyah ~ Jerry is fun, nice and helpful. I hope he comes back next year ~ I like tom and ms. marilyn they give me the best math equashons ~ Lori helped me study and do my homework. She helped me a lot this year and last year I got decent grades study with her. – Kareem ~ Thank you for making egg rolls Thank you for helping us with our homework Love Sarah ~ I think that all of the volunteers have impacted my year. Some of them I don’t really have much of a relationship with yet but some of them I do. I thank ALL of you for helping me and guiding me to be a better young woman. PS – I hope to see you guys next year for my freshmen year in high school. Yours truly, Serenity.

So to all the volunteers, past and present, your sacrifice, your time, your prayers and your patients are all why these kids keep coming and why they are seeing Jesus. Please be encouraged and let’s continue to pray for them throughout the summer!

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