Atlantic City Mission Trip – August 2012

Hello Everyone,

Our week in Atlantic City was a very memorable one. New City Fellowship Church, with Pastor Santo and his staff, provided a great environment for us to serve, rest, and serve some more! Below are a few of the many highlights as well as the slide-show above that gives faces to the work that is ongoing in Atlantic City.

While in AC we were all ‘schooled’ and discipled in Urban Ministry. Daily devotions and debriefing kept everyone aware  and able to continue the ‘steps of faith’ as we entered various areas of the inner city.

We were all involved in various hands-on work projects that ranged from rehabbing homes to remodeling bathrooms and taking down and putting up sheet-rock at a  Boys & Girls Club. So much was accomplished in the 5 days! We not only provided new living environments, but we were able to connect with families as well as those that society says ‘won’t amount to anything.’ I personally found the people that I met to be inviting and extremely thankful for our presence in their town.

Through a grant that was provided to New City, we had the opportunity to take a large group of children to a horse farm for the week. For most of them, this was their first time at a horse farm and their first time seeing a horse! We also rode in style in stretch limos! What a joy it was to see the children get out of the city and enjoy a week in the country. The staff welcomed them warmly each day and provided opportunity for them to ride, clean stables, rope, brush horses, do games and have lunch!

We also spent 4 evenings in one of the inner, inner area’s of the city; Carver Hall. This was the first time that New City Fellowship was providing a Bible Club at this location. Our team was the first to walk around the area, handing out flyers our first night and providing 3 additional nights of Bible Club. The nights of Bible Club were filled with music, skits, crafts and snack. We were all touched by the children as well as the parents that we were able to connect with. We served between 12 and 25 children each night.

We all heard many testimonies about the inner city. And after spending time there, we walked away with a new perspective and appreciation for all the work that is going on through New City Fellowship. There is so much violence, poverty, and lack of hope, yet New City is bridging the gap between the ‘hopeless and downtrodden’ to the hope that is found through Jesus Christ.

Would you please remember to pray for the people of AC, for Pastor Santo and his staff, as well as SOFM, as we all work together to bring hope to Atlantic City. If you would like to find out more about what is going on in AC, please let us know. More trips will follow.

Just One Drop,



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