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Hello Everyone!

We are only months away from our two mission trips this summer… Atlantic City and Albania!

This will be our 11th team going back to serve along side (now) Pastor Pete and New City Fellowship in Atlantic City and our 2nd team going back to Albania to serve with Pastor Plator and his growing ministry in and around the area of Korce.

The AC Team will be serving from August 5-11 and the Albania Team will be serving from August 25-Sept 4. Both teams have been diligently preparing  and raising funds for many months.

The AC Team is made up of 11 team members from 5 different churches. Each morning we will be engaged in discipleship teaching on cross-cultural ministry learning about how we can be more aware of the people around us, sharing the Word of God and being a bridge from the community to the church.  During the day we will be involved with a variety of service projects that the team from AC prepares for us. This time will give us opportunity to share Jesus and help meet some tangible needs in the community. And three of the nights we will be sharing Jesus with the children of Carver Hall through our Bible Club. 


The Albania Team is made up of 10 team members from 4 different churches, including our friends Ted & Katie Kenney from Plays on Word Ministry. While in Albania we will be sharing our Bible theme of “Creation” with over 200 children and also a group of youth during a one day discipleship workshop. We will travel to the different church plants that Pastor Plator currently has, including going far up the mountains to one of the remote villages (as we did last year). Our time will be blessed as we get to act out, sing and share the love of Jesus with this predominately Muslim / atheist country that has less than 2% Christians.


We are asking for your prayers for the remaining preparations, financial responsibilities and the travel to and from for our teams. We are excited to see how God is going to use all of us and truly appreciate your prayers for all of it!

Above are many of the children from the Day Center and Residential House

Mission of Fundraiser- to give local youth, ages 7 and up, an opportunity to help children in need
Recipient of Fundraiser- 100% of proceeds will be donated to Albania’s Hands of Providence’s
Residential Home and Day Care Center
Date & Time- May 13, 2023 / 10am-12:30pm
Location- Brick Presbyterian Church 111 Drum Point Rd., Brick, NJ 08723 (in Family Life Center)

What to Expect- There will be a presentation so participants get a chance to meet the Albanian children via video. Local youth will be encouraged to use their gifts and talents to serve others. An overview will be given regarding the needs of the Albanian children and how the fundraiser is helping them. There will be a short question/answer time. We will paint an Albanian landscape. Light refreshments.

~~How to Register~~

The donation is $40 per participant.

Because we are less that 2 weeks away from the event – you can contact Debra Stasiak with Aspiring Artists at to let her know how many will be attending & bring a check the day of the event.

Please write your donation check directly to Hands of Providence International

In 2018 a few of us were fortunate enough to go for a “look & see” visit to Albania where we met and experienced what God was doing through Pastor Plator’s growing ministry. Prior to that trip, SOFM had help to put two young men (Muslim converts) through seminary. One of these men was Geno Bregu. Geno started a children’s program in the town of Sovjan [a town predominantly Muslim]. This was one of the Muslim towns that Pastor Plator’s ministry was reaching out to around the area of Libonik. Here are a couple pictures of what the ministry looked like in 2018…





This past Easter weekend all glory was given to God for the work He has done in the town of Sovjan since 2018, as the brand new Sovjan Church was dedicated! With an Albanian business man, born in Sovjan and living in the US, financing the complete construction of this church and the perseverance, commitment and prayer of Geno and his now wife Ela, along with Plator’s vision and evangelistic teams…here is what God has provided!! This church is now a beacon of hope for those who are lost in Sovjan! Please pray for Geno and his ministry there!



We continue to appreciate all the prayers for the ministries of SOFM in the effort to bring the Gospel of hope and salvation to those who are lost. Haiti is the foundation ministry that Bob Hager built SOFM on before there was a SOFM. The love and determination that Bob had to help those who have been forgotten and were in such need continues today through all of those who have said “yes” to get involved.

Today, we are amazed at the amount of individuals who have prayed, given, gone, and decided to be involve with the people of Haiti. The families of Lac’ajue, Ounaminthe, Danita’s Orphanage, Double Harvest and our personal friend Mode and her husband in PAP, have all been the recipients of love and support from so many people. The “Just One Drop” idea from 2008 continues to prove God’s mighty provision and deliverance in the lives of so many. While one drop of water can not accomplish much, as you add up drop after drop, there will be a cup of water that then can be given to someone who is thirsty… as we see happening in Haiti.

This nation continues to be under such dire conditions with the lack of government, availability of fuel and extreme costs of food and material goods. And yet, Joseph Israel, the Aslan Director over the property in Lac’ajue, perseveres and provides information and solutions to many of the growing problems. While SOFM will not be taking a team down this summer, there are ways that help can still be provided and lives can still change,

Here is a look at SOFM’s current monthly support for Haiti, and a list of the summer activities that a team would otherwise provide the funding for. 100% of this support goes to the area of ministry that is designated. Please pray for God’s continuing provision and encouragement for our families in Haiti through these difficult times. Thank you!




  1. Helping to run the Clinic of Hope Medical Clinic – $1650
  2. On-going medical care for current families in Lac’ajue – $800
  3. Grains of Grace Feeding Program – $1200
  4. Food for college students that SOFM sponsors – $150



  1. Providing a beach day for those who have graduated to the next grade level – $1000
  2. Summer Vacation Bible Club – $900
  3. Sewing School Graduation – $580

Hello Everyone,

We have a request and a way that you can join us in helping to build an army of Jesus followers in Albania… [the photo to the left is a majority of the current A-Team army]

For the past several years SOFM has helped Pastor Plator with finance support for his Summer VBS and Summer Youth Camp. His desire has been to have 1 week for the younger children (about 400-500 non-Christians) and a 1 week discipleship camp for the high school youth that have been desiring to grow deeper in their faith as well as those who are just now coming to know Jesus as their Savior. 

This year Pastor Plator is planning a 1-week VBS for about 500 non-Christian elementary children at a cost of $6000. These children will come for 5 days to learn about Jesus through skits, songs, crafts and games and food. The camp is amazing with many of Plator’s staff and volunteers creating the scenery and various ways that the children will be able to understand and receive Jesus as their Savior.

In the past Plator has asked for financial help with the youth camp also. Last summer there were 75 high school students who came to the 1-week discipleship camp. This year there are 250!! God is truly raising up an army of Jesus followers! The current staff and volunteers who go out and minister in some capacity 7 days a week in and around Libonik, have come through this discipleship program.

There is a need to have 2 youth camps this summer. Each camp costs $6000 so that is $12,000 for the youth camps and $6000 for the VBS.

When I first started to volunteer with SOFM, before becoming the missions coordinator, founder Bob Hager gave me very good advice. He told me that when God presents a need, put it out to people you know and watch what God does with it. 

$18,000 for 3 camps can seem like a lot to raise, however, we won’t know unless we let the need be known!

We have seen first hand what God is doing in Albania and if the past 8 years are any indication to what the next 8 can bring, it is a very exciting time to be a part of what God is doing there.

Please share this need with those you know and pray. Pray that God will provide the financial needs so that these eager young people can receive discipleship training and then go out and become more of the growing army of Jesus followers that is being raised up in Albania!

If you want to help us meet this goal, we need to receive all support by June 1st since the camps will be in July.

You can give through Paypal under WAYS TO GIVE / ALBANIA / ALBANIA RELIEF and when prompted please indicate that the money is for either the VBS or Youth Camp. Or you can send a check to : Step of Faith Ministry / PO BOX 805 / BRICK, NJ 08723

Thank you!

Contact Step of Faith

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