Back from Haiti!

Saturday night the St. Paul’s Methodist Team from Brick flew back from their 8 day mission trip to Haiti. We left the airport in the DR in 80 degree weather and landed at Newark Airport in -6 degree windchill!

For 8 days the team took part in many activities and served the community of Lac’ajue with the focus of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So much of what we were able to accomplish was made possible by the many people back home who gave, made and supported this team again this year. Thank you so much!

The photos above paint a picture of the trip, but you really have to be there to truly understand the full impact of all that took place.

It took the full week, but Don, Doug and Tom, along with Craig, Joseph and others from Lac’ajue were able to run the water and electric lines from the water pump to the cistern and across to the Aslan Medical Clinic. While there is still a little more to do, we all experienced the water flowing from the faucets and the toilets flushing! You don’t realize how important running water is until you experience it for the first time with people who have never seen it.

While the men worked on the water supply the women ran 4 days of Bible Clubs with about 225 children. Sharon, Kori, Carol and Janice and some times the men, all helped bring the Gospel alive through songs, Bible skits, crafts and games. At the conclusion of each day the children were all given a big plate of rice & beans, along with a drink. From the smallest to the biggest, the plates were cleaned completely. The children, youth helpers and our adult helpers were so thankful and grateful for the time spent with them and the food that they were able to enjoy.

One day we visited Danita’s Orphanage to help 30 of her children take part in an art project through Aspiring Artist and Reborn Fashion. These children created wonderful pieces of art work that was brought back to be placed on apparel and other items soon to be made available to the public. The children in turn will have a trust fund set up that they will be able to access when they turn 18. What a blessing that will be when the children are of age to continue their education.

On that same day we visited the primary school where our children attend school. We were given a tour by the headmaster.

The team handed out the 50 new sneakers and hand-made bracelets that were provided through Grace Methodist of Wyckoff. A card was attached to each pair of sneakers. The following day many of the children who received the sneakers brought back thank you cards that they made for their sponsor. Also, crochet crosses with a small pocket was made by the women of St. Paul’s of Brick. Inside the pocket were scriptures in Creole.

We also made our way around Laca’jue handing out supplies such as children’s clothing, toiletries and LuminAID solar lanterns. To see a humble home receive light for the first time, leaves you with few words to say. But as we visited each family we did have the opportunity to speak to each family and pray for them.

We were blessed to attend the two church services on Sunday, one for the children and one for the children and adults. We witnessed two young boys accept the Lord and later we took part in communion with the community who have placed their faith in Christ.

The Sunday School at St. Paul’s of Brick collected $700 that will now be used to provide a peanut butter sandwich for the children who attend Sunday School in Lac’ajue. Nothing like children helping children!

As we looked around the Aslan property we were surprised to see that many sections of land are now being cultivated with various crops.  Food sources such as Kasava, black beans and sweet potatoes are being grown. That was amazing to see.

So much took place in one week and so much progress has been made in this little town of Laca’jue. The partnerships between SOFM, Aslan Youth Ministries and St. Paul’s Methodist just continues to bare much fruit. Thank you to all who took part in this trip! We could not have done it without you!!

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