Back from Haiti!

IMG_3591 I was asked once… “What can you possibly do in Haiti for only 1 week?” My response… “A lot more than if you didn’t go to Haiti for 1 week.” God’s timing is perfect and the group that He brought down to Haiti this year was used in some amazing ways. Here are just a few of the many blessings and memories that were birthed while the team spent time in Haiti last week.

Please click on the VIDEO link to better understand our journey…

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Our focus is to show the love of Jesus and pray that many will come to know Him while we help to meet practical needs in Laca’jue and Ounaminthe. Children were comforted, held and loved by many. Meals were provided to the 100+ children each day during the 4-Day Bible Club. The Gospel was spoken, sung and prayed over the village. Grains of Grace was distributed to the village and those receiving were prayed over as well.

Patients were taken care of inside of the Aslan medical clinic. Simple advil allowed our dear friend Evenson, who has MD, IMG_4321to sleep through the night. Many supplies were provided for the villagers such as hygiene kits, t-shirt diapers, sundresses, and flip flops. Over 30 soccer balls came from the Alaska team for many to use. A new stove was provided for the mission house when the old one stopped working.

We had the opportunity to be a part of the first baptisms of 20 young adults. Many of them have come to Christ over the past several years since Joseph Israel started different Bible programs and Sunday services. His oversight as the Haitian Aslan Director is pivotal.


Children’s laughter was heard each day. Jesus’ presence was everywhere!

Our team learned the difference between ‘a want’ and ‘a need’.  A perspective that is vital to finding rest in Jesus and His ways.

Pictures and blog posts can not adequately describe the life of a Haitian. Our team was able to get a glimpse while serving there. So many lives were changed, not just those we served. Haiti is hot. Haiti is hard. Haiti is unforgiving at times… but it is overflowing with the light of Jesus!

IMG_3681Danita Estrella, founder of Danita’s Children, put it best… “If God calls you to be a missionary in Haiti then it is like ‘living the dream’, if you are not called, it is like ‘living a nightmare.'” Even though we only spent a week in Haiti, and not all are called to live there full time, I know of many from this trip who can not wait to return and wrap their arms around those we call our friends and our family. It happens ‘one drop at a time.’ Thank you to all who contributed in so many ways and to all who called Haiti their home, even for a short time.

Please watch the video to get a little better understanding of all that the Lord did!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”Rrb2upsNMic” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”Haiti Trip July 2016 Video”] or View on Youtube

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