Back from Haiti


This trip was very special. 16 team members over the course of 8 days came together under tough circumstances to provide so much for so many because of people like you who support our vision.

God’s favor was certainly on us from start to finish, and for that we thank you all for your prayers. Our travel in and out of the country went with out any problems. We stayed, for the first time, in a hotel in Ounaminthe that had electricity 24/7 and screens on the windows.  I actually missed the mission house, as did a few other returnees… but for all the first timers, it was very welcoming.

Our week was filled from start to finish. As the pictures show, we served over 200 children of Laca’jue with a 4 day Bible Camp, filled with worship, devotion (first time by Rebecca), games, races, soccer, arts & crafts and a hot meal. Then we did an unexpected one day Bible Camp across from Joseph’s house on the air-strip for about 70 children. This new location was started one year to the day on July 1, 2012, by a wonderful friend of Joseph’s named Antes. [Joseph is the Haitian partner for Aslan Youth Ministry]

We handed out over 100 Hygiene Packs filled with a variety of items that are needed in Lac’ajue. [Along with the packs we handed out almost 1000 protein enriched Jump Gels, provided by the founder Jeff Miller. Lac’ajue is a village that is considered to have the lowest available protein for its people. The Jump Gels can make a world of difference.

We also handed out more solar lanterns and saw them in use while in the country! Along with seeing some of the Lac’ajue children eating the Jump Gel the day after they were handed out made us smile knowing that the efforts of others were truly helping the people.

On Sunday, June 30, Joseph surprised the team, and myself, with an overwhelming “Program” on the land in Lac’ajue. Pictures can not express the beauty of this special day.  Our team were the recipients of this wonderful outpouring of love from the community of Lac’ajue. A parade of over 130 people, complete with a band, marched up the road 1 mile to the property with baskets of fruit on their heads to present to me and my team to show their gratitude for all that is being provided for them. The village sang to us, worshiped with us and prayed for us. Joseph also had dancers, acrobats and a comic entertain not only us, but about 500 of the local community. Haitian TV even showed up and I was told that I was on TV the following day! Many of the team members spent the afternoon fighting back tears of joy and amazement. The day ended by us all receiving hugs by 100’s of the villagers.

I couldn’t imagine what we were going to do with all of this fruit, but Joseph had a plan. It was divided up between all those who help us while we are serving in the country.

We did a few walk-a-bouts and visited the old mission house and the residence on the street, as well as a complete tour of Danita’s orphanage and Hugh’s School [two bright spots in Ounaminthe that truly brings hope to its people].

On July 1, one year to the day, our team was privileged to continue the Grains of Grace Feeding Program by handing out 40 bags of 25 pounds of rice to 40 of our sponsored families in Lac’ajue. [another 10 families are sponsored in Ounanminthe]. The representatives from each family showed their gratitude with their words, hugs and prayers for the team.

Our week finished off by taking 139 children who graduated to the next grade level to the beach for the day. It was a nice way to wrap up a very full week.

No matter where we were or what we were doing, so many of the team members expressed how they saw Jesus not only in the eyes of the people but through all the generosity of so many who made this trip very memorable.

As of now, most of the team is ready to return next summer, some returning in the fall, 4 looking to spend a month in Haiti next summer and one who sees God revealing to her a calling to be a full time missionary to Haiti.

God is so good!




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