Being a Vessel for God


Help comes in many ways and through many different means….

Since 2007 Step of Faith Ministry has been partnering with Aslan Youth Ministry in Haiti. For 10 years now we have participated in the work that the Lord has directed both ministries in.  So many people are coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and tangible needs are being met on so many levels.

The picture above is of 10 used Apple Laptop computers. Where they came from and where they are going is all about being a vessel for God…

About a month ago I had a conversation with Craig, founder of Aslan, about the need for lap top computers for the doctors and nurses at the Medical Clinic in Lac’ajue. Since the clinic opened in July of 2015 the staff has been hand writing everything that takes place each day; a very time consuming method. To have computers within the clinic would provide them with the technology to share, print and document information in an efficient and timely manner. Since the clinic has electricity the only thing that was lacking were the lap tops.


Step of Faith works with many churches and organizations whose goal is to see lives changed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Another organization that we have recently been working with is Reborn Orphan Fashion.

ReBorn Orphan Fashion just so happened to have 182 used Apple computers donated to them from the Point Pleasant Beach H.S. 10 of those computers were donated to SOFM who in turn will be giving them to Aslan Youth Ministry to be used by the medical staff as well as other up and coming college students.

God takes ordinary people who have a heart to serve others and connects them with other ordinary people with the same desire to help others and then He does wonderful things.

A huge thank you to Point Pleasant Beach H.S and Jim Sherlock of Reborn Orphan Fashion for the beautiful gifts!

Just One Drop…


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