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Bon Jou!

Hello Everyone,

We all arrived home safely from Haiti late Saturday night. Our trip took us to 4 major areas; beginning in Ounanminthe [on the boarder of Haiti and Dominican Republic], then a 30 minute mission flight to Port-au-Prince, another 45 minute mission flight to Jeremie and up many mountains to the remote village of Despagne. To explain our journey in one post would be difficult. Instead, I hope to introduce you to our trip today and continue updates in the weeks to follow.

May I start by saying, “Haiti is a beautiful island.” Many may question me on that one, but after spending time with the people, children and missionaries of Haiti, I can not think of a better way to discribe it. Yes, Haiti is in dire need of help, so much poverty and so much pain, but Haiti is a place of much beauty…all you have to do is look into the eyes of one of their children as they look back at you with their big smile.

All four of us entered Haiti a little differently. For Kenny & Peggy, they had been to Haiti quite a few times before and had been in the Jeremie area, for myself, I had been to Haiti 4 times and had only been in the Ounanminthe area, and for my husband…well this was his first time so everything was new for him.

Next post I will begin to share with you the progress that is going on in Haiti and how Step of Faith Minsitry is being blessed to be a part of it.

Just One Drop,


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