Brick Police Visit Maple Leaf After School Program

A BIG thank you to the Brick Police [Officer Jim, Officer Keith and his partner Max, and the Brick Police EMT squad] for spending 2 hours with our Maple Leaf kids yesterday.

Both groups of students were educated on the work of the EMT and Police Officers / K-9 group. Some of the older kids had a lot of questions about how they could get involved with the EMT, volunteer and shared their aspirations of becoming involved in the medical field.

They also had the opportunity to go inside the ambulance and look around. A couple kids were strapped onto the stretcher while one of their friends pushed the necessary buttons to lift them up and put them inside the ambulance. The EMT workers did an excellent job speaking about what they do as well as fielding lots of questions.

Then came Max… All ages couldn’t wait to see Max again, after his first visit over the winter. Officer Keith explained the duties of a K-9 before taking him out of the police van [which at times was rocking because Max couldn’t wait]. Officer Jim played the ‘criminal’ and was attacked several times (protected of course) to demonstrate Max’s excellent listening skills. Very impressive!

Officer Jim shared how amazing it is to see all that God has done and is doing in this community through this once a week tutoring program. We have all come a long way since March of 2013.

Whether you have prayed for this ministry, volunteered weekly, monthly or just once, participated in an event or provided for one of these little ones in some way… you are a part of the amazing work that is taking place here. Thank you. As Officer Jim put it, “The police are benefiting by all the work that is being done here on a weekly basis.” And we know there is still a lot more to do and more fruit to see!

Thank you again.



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