SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2024



Bundles of Blessings

Bundles of Blessings began during 2020 when covid was limiting the availability for much needed food and supplies throughout Albania. Since then SOFM has been able to send $3600 every 3 months to continue the provision for 28 families (currently). There are so many more who are vulnerable and without food that can use our help. 

When the Albania Team first went out to distribute the food bundles, they came across an elderly man who was living in a chicken coop in the middle of winter and did not have any heating source or food. By the grace of God, the team came across him and were able to provide food as well as give him a wood burning stove to keep him warm during the long, cold winter. Many more stories of life-saving opportunities have continue to happen.

While our team was there in September 2022 we were able to go and meet, pray and distribute food bundles to 3 families. Each family has its unique struggles. It was a blessing to share what we had with them and speak to them about Jesus. Most of these families are Muslim, so again, God is providing a way for the Christians to show the love of Jesus and bring His Gospel to them.

If you would like to help continue this life-saving ministry, any amount will make a big difference!

Thank you!


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