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Step of Faith continues to make the needs and prayers known for our friends in Haiti… But today, we are celebrating with them as they begin 2 weeks of revival for the celebration of Thanksgiving for Aslan Youth Ministry, Step of Faith and Thy Will Ministry. 

We received videos today, of which I made a few pictures, of the congregation at the Maranatha Church in Lac’ajue celebrating and glorifying God. As Pastor Lupensky said in his message to me earlier today:






“By the grace of God, yesterday in the afternoon, we began our two weeks of revival for the celebration of Thanksgiving for our assembly and for the ministry Aslan Youth Ministry, Step of Faith Ministry and Thy Will Ministries. This is how the members of the church glorify the name of God and God gave us His blessing.”






This is a special time that I would have loved to be in Haiti for, if it weren’t for the unsettled times that still plaque this country. However, the hardships and uncertainties that they face day after day is not stopping them from worshipping and praising the Creator of the universe as they also thank and pray for all of those who continue to help them from afar. They miss us greatly. They pray for us daily. This is humbling.

The videos that we received showed the congregation dancing and praising as they walked, some sorta ran, around the church grounds, all meeting in the middle of the open “soccer” field to continue to praise Him. They then went under the roof of the church and continued shouting and praising Jesus, dancing and singing with such joy!

We can all learn from our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering around the world. Through great persecution can come greater revival! This is what we are praying for them over the next 2 weeks! Please join us in praying for them and with them!

Imagine living in a place where education was dependent solely on you and the amount of money you had in hand. Yet, without an education, your future could inevitably include unnecessary suffering, begging, stealing, prostitution, starvation and ultimately an early death. This is the life of a Haitian in 2024. Without a sponsor or support organization, a child can not attend public school due to the cost. Without a sponsor or support organization a student has no future to go to college, because of the cost. And while these costs may fail in comparison to the costs in the US, for a Haitian who makes less than $2 a day, the amount of money needed is unreachable.

Since the beginning of Step of Faith, education has been a focus. Realizing that children in Haiti deserve an opportunity to thrive and have the same worth as a child in the US, we have been supporting 100’s of children through our Child Education Fund and University Fund. And it has worked!!

For many years now we have seen students come to realize that having a college education is essential for their future. These students have been supported throughout their preliminary schooling (K-12th) and went on to college where degrees have been awarded for: seminary, nursing, administrative, plumbing, maintenance, agriculture, and laboratory assistant. And currently we have students in law school and becoming a doctor.

  • The future of a child in Haiti depends on if they are sponsored to go to school
  • We hope to continue to support students in school so that their Christian lives can positively affect the country of Haiti.
  • We send our support each year in July for our current 20 preliminary students and current 6 college students.
  • If you would like to contribute to the Education Sponsorship (K-12) or the University Fund ~ we can give you information on a specific student or a one-time gift amount would be used as needed for the students we currently have.
  • We currently have 3 students (K-12) who will be in need of sponsorship in September (cost range from $250 – $450)
  • We currently have 2 college students who will be in need of sponsorship in September (cost range from $2000-$2500)

If you are interested in partnering with us to help a child in Haiti have a future and a hope through education, you can click on WAYS TO GIVE on the HOME page and go to HAITI and HAITI EDUCATION.

We appreciate your prayers for these students! Below are some of our graduates and current University students…

MARCH 2024

Children near and far need to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Step of Faith is committed to this and has seen tremendous fruit over many years. Whether in NJ (Maple Leaf Tutoring Program and Atlantic City), Haiti or most recently Albania, there are growing testimonies of changed lives, renewed hope and children becoming teenagers and adults who are telling others about the hope they too can have in Jesus.

We wish that all of you could see for yourself the lives that are being changed and how each life is affecting another right now in both Haiti and Albania….


Due to the political unrest in Haiti, we will not be bringing a team down again this summer. This is difficult for those of us who miss our friends and families and desire to be there to encourage them, pray with them and remind them that they are not forgotten. However, there are ways that they can be reminded that we are still here for them and want to continue to help them spread the Gospel. One way is to help them have a Bible Camp and a trip to the beach for those who graduate to the next grade level.

We may not be able to bring supplies and lead a Bible Camp this summer, but because of those who came to Christ as a child and have grown in their faith, they can lead a Bible camp for the younger children. With some financial support, many children can hear the Gospel and receive a meal when they attend.

One of the motivations for students who we support in school and others in the Lac’ajue area, to continue to do well and progress to the next grade even when their country is in such turmoil, is to bring them to the beach for a day. Many of us have had the opportunity to ride on the bus, play in the ocean and enjoy a day with over 100 students and overseers as they are given a small break from the difficulties that they face every day.

For $2500 both of these events can be made possible for our children in Haiti this summer.



For over 5 years SOFM has been investing in the lives of the children and youth of Albania by helping to provide a week long Bible Camp(s) and Youth Retreat. Last year there were over 400 children who attended the Bible Camp and over 100 who were able to go on a 4 day Youth Retreat. As we have seen first hand during our last two trips, the amount of lives that are turning from death to life by receiving Jesus is being multiplied even more as they are growing up and becoming volunteers, staff and leaders in the various churches. Disciples making disciples, bringing the Gospel into their Muslim or atheist homes, and being the light of Christ to so many in their lives. 


SOFM is looking to help Pastor Plator meet some of these costs for the two camps this summer by trying to raise $6000.

Whether the children are in a country that is being torn apart by gangs and violence or in a country that is still 71% Muslim with many who have never heard the name ‘Jesus’, our prayer is to help bring the Gospel into these nations one child at a time.

If you would like to be a part of supporting these summer camps – Donations can be given through our General Fund – Paypal  – in the memo: Haiti Summer Camps or Albania Summer Camps

We look to send our support by May 1st for the June / July camps in both Albania and Haiti

And as always… please continue to pray for our friends around the world that are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those around them!


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