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This month we continue to highlight ministries within SOFM that are in need of funding… Last week we highlighted the Aslan Medical Clinic in Haiti… this week… The Grains of Grace Feeding Program. In 2012 a team of 8 went to Haiti. This team was made up of 3 adults and 5 high school students. Prior to going on the trip, we prayed for a way this team could leave behind a “memorial stone” for the people to continue for generations to come. With a donation of $1000, we went to Haiti and continued to pray. While on the trip we realized that the need was “food”. In 2012 it was common for an adult to go 2 or 3 days without eating a meal (small amount of rice and beans) and for children in a household to alternate days as to when they could eat. This was heartbreaking to hear.

The Grains of Grace Feeding Program was birthed from this team of high school students who wanted to make a difference for generations to come.

Now in 2023, 11 years later, this feeding program has continued to provide rice and beans every month for up to 95 families in Lac’ajue. Through this monthly program, families are able to count on this resource to feed their children while providing a little stability in their otherwise unstable life.

Over the years we have seen the children at the summer Bible clubs go from having red hair (a sign of malnutrition) runny noses and being very tired, to not having red hair, perhaps one or two out of 200 having a runny nose and all being very awake and energetic! This program is truly life changing!

Each month SOFM sends $1200 to cover the costs of rice and beans for the families in Lac’ajue. This fund is currently able to provide the rice and beans for 8 more months. This is why we want to make the need known. We appreciate your prayers and sharing this needs with others that may be able to help.

Since the very early years of Step of Faith Ministry, money has been put aside for the construction of a medical clinic to help the people of Haiti. For some years an amount of this money remained for a “future” clinic due to uncertainties that it would be run and taken care of in a way that would last for generations. That was until SOFM began to partner with Aslan Youth Ministry in 2007. 

When the vision was cast from Aslan to SOFM about a “Clinic in a Can” Medical Clinic that could be constructed in the US and shipped to Haiti to be put on the Aslan property in Lac’ajue, SOFM got behind it and has continued to support it ever since. The Clinic of Hope Medical Clinic has been a beacon of hope to the families in Lac’ajue and surrounding areas. US nurses and doctors have visited for many years now and have served along side the Haitian staff of a doctor, nurse, lab tech and pharmacist.  

The Clinic of Hope, along with the Clean Water Program and Grains of Grace Feeding Program is providing to be life saving and prolonging the lives of our friends and their families. Just in the past two years we have seen how this clinic has helped motorcycle accident victims, adults dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia, high blood pressure and other conditions that could have otherwise taken their lives.


Each month SOFM provides the staff salaries, medication and fuel to run the clinic. For $1685 a month, we have been able to help make a difference in the lives of 100’s of people.

We currently have enough in our Medical Fund to run the clinic for 9 more months. We are making this need known believing that God will provide. The clinic has been operational since 2014 and we pray it will go on for generations to come! Please help us make this need known so we can continue to provide what is needed and life saving. Thank you!

Check out this video showing how the Aslan Clinic of Hope came to life!!

We continue to appreciate all the prayers for the ministries of SOFM in the effort to bring the Gospel of hope and salvation to those who are lost. Haiti is the foundation ministry that Bob Hager built SOFM on before there was a SOFM. The love and determination that Bob had to help those who have been forgotten and were in such need continues today through all of those who have said “yes” to get involved.

Today, we are amazed at the amount of individuals who have prayed, given, gone, and decided to be involve with the people of Haiti. The families of Lac’ajue, Ounaminthe, Danita’s Orphanage, Double Harvest and our personal friend Mode and her husband in PAP, have all been the recipients of love and support from so many people. The “Just One Drop” idea from 2008 continues to prove God’s mighty provision and deliverance in the lives of so many. While one drop of water can not accomplish much, as you add up drop after drop, there will be a cup of water that then can be given to someone who is thirsty… as we see happening in Haiti.

This nation continues to be under such dire conditions with the lack of government, availability of fuel and extreme costs of food and material goods. And yet, Joseph Israel, the Aslan Director over the property in Lac’ajue, perseveres and provides information and solutions to many of the growing problems. While SOFM will not be taking a team down this summer, there are ways that help can still be provided and lives can still change,

Here is a look at SOFM’s current monthly support for Haiti, and a list of the summer activities that a team would otherwise provide the funding for. 100% of this support goes to the area of ministry that is designated. Please pray for God’s continuing provision and encouragement for our families in Haiti through these difficult times. Thank you!




  1. Helping to run the Clinic of Hope Medical Clinic – $1650
  2. On-going medical care for current families in Lac’ajue – $800
  3. Grains of Grace Feeding Program – $1200
  4. Food for college students that SOFM sponsors – $150



  1. Providing a beach day for those who have graduated to the next grade level – $1000
  2. Summer Vacation Bible Club – $900
  3. Sewing School Graduation – $580

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