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On May 30th Sophia and Tara are headed to Haiti for a 6 week internship. Through our partnership with Aslan Youth Ministry, years of prayer and preparation and God’s perfect timing, these girls are able to experience one of their heart’s desires…

 This trip will be Sophia’s 7th time and Tara’s 3rd time in Haiti.  

For the first 5 weeks the girls will be investing their time and talent with the community of Lac’ajue. Tara, a nursing student, will be (with the help of her mom Allyn’s experience and input) starting a malnutrition program in the community, carried out through the Clinic of Hope on the Aslan property. She will also be meeting with 30 youth on a weekly basis to discuss important medical / faith issues. Sophia will be assisting Tara as needed as well as teaching English to 30 youth (who have been taking our English classes since last summer), and shadowing Joseph on his day to day activities. Both girls will help teach English to the medical staff and Joseph’s family and support staff and weekly will be learning Creole.

The girls will be living at the mission house, a top of Joseph’s home, with Shilove (one of the Clinic of Hope nurses) staying with them at night as a house mom.

They will be learning what it is like to live in Haiti, as a missionary. This will include cooking meals, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, dealing with the unexpected day to day happenings all while deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ and praying for His leading in this area of their lives.

Week 6 our team of 7 will be joining them and finishing up their 6 week internship together!

How did this all start?….

For Sophia, her and I met when she was 13 at Action Gymnastics in Howell. Quickly after meeting her I knew she was a Christian. We talked a lot about the Lord during her classes and I told her about our trips to Haiti. At the ripe old age of 14 she came with us on her first trip.

For Tara, her and her mom Allyn were going to go to Haiti through another church in 2015 but Tara broke her ankle and they were unable to go. Having known Allyn and her family for many years, she approached SOFM to ask if they could go with us in 2016.

All this shows how God’s timing is SOOOOO perfect! Now, years later, both girls are in college and desiring to be used by the Lord in Haiti for these 6 weeks, but possibly for much more time in their future.

Please join us in prayer for them and for their time in Haiti!

Just One Drop,


On February 27th a team of 15 returned from serving in Haiti for one week. St. Paul’s was gracious to open up their once a year trip to anyone else which allowed 4 others to go and experience God in a new way.

Have you ever woke up and had your day planned out, just to realize by 8am that God had a different plan? Well, that seemed to be the theme of this week… and God was glorified through it because ‘His ways are not our ways nor are His thoughts our thoughts!”

There are many exciting things ‘growing’ on the 6 acres of land that Aslan Youth Ministry purchased several years ago. Over the past 11 years SOFM has been able to see first hand God’s perfect timing and design for each new step in His growing, perfect plan! 

Before we arrived on the 20th we found out that one of our long time Haitian co-laborer in Christ had made a decision to go his own way, leaving a unfortunate void in many of our hearts. When we arrived in Haiti we found out that a new kind of ‘boarder police’ was just set up by the Ounaminthe police and they were not allowing certain products to be purchased in the DR and brought across the boarder; one item being lumber.

Our intentions before coming down was to help put the roof on the almost completed church along with teaching English to the youth and having our ‘now gone’ friend as one of the main interpreters. Within the first 36 hours some were wondering what work projects would now be completed since the lumber would not be coming over the boarder and how we were going to manage having one less interpreter. 

God impressed on my heart years ago that all we can do is prepare the best we can and then arrive in Haiti anticipating what He would have us to do. No matter if it aligns with our ideas or not, He ultimately is the one who will complete His perfect will through those who are willing to listen. And boy did He!

A problem had come up with the one cistern being used for the Clean Water Project. The Clean Water Project had been flowing since last spring, 24/7. Joseph had seen no reason to limit the time when people could come and draw water, especially since many come during the night when it is cooler to walk the distance they need to. However, each morning the cistern would be empty and it would take a few hours to fill up, once the generator was turned on for the medical clinic. This left the medical clinic without water… so God provided the time for the team to install another 500 gallon cistern so that the people can continue to get water 24/7 and the medical clinic will not run out of water.

There was a leak on the roof of the medical clinic in-between where two of the containers were stitched together and it needed to be patched before damage was done inside… so God provided the time for the team to patch and seal the leak. 

The door and window jams inside the medical clinic were only primed and never painted… so God provided the time for this too to be completed.

St. Paul’s brought down two small hot water heaters to provide hot water inside the clinic, which would help with the cleanliness inside and for the staff… so God provided the time for them both to be installed.

The facet handles needed to be replaced with stronger ones for the New Water Project…so God provided the time once again.

A float needed to be installed at Joseph’s house [also the mission house] for his cistern so that it would not keep overflowing… God provided that time too!

Craig, founder of Aslan, realized that there was still too much to do to prepare the roof to be completed, so that would not have been able to happen anyway. Plus, if the team had worked on the roof, which was important, the urgent things like the new cistern, leak in the roof and sealing/painting the interior of clinic would not have been completed. God is so good!

And as far as missing an interpreter… God provided a beautiful 16 year old, Joseph’s niece, who just completed a course (aside from her regular schooling) where she is now certified to teach English. And we worry?

Thirty youth attended 5 sessions of English during our stay and within the first day they were going up to the different team members speaking English and asking them questions. This program will continue each time there is a team in Haiti. The ability to speak English will further enable these youth to look to a more positive future.

Allyn, a nurse, had brought down a new blood machine that will be so important to the staff at the Medical Clinic. She spent a lot of her time making sure they understand how to use it… and they do!

The 4-day Bible Camp was another wonderful way to connect with the children of Lac’ajue and again bring the Gospel to life through skits, crafts and games.

One of the highlights personally was when we were able to present 9 families with a beautiful, healthy, female goat. As our Grains of Grace Feeding program turns a corner and now is becoming a more sustainable way to provide food source and income, these 9 goats were only the start. Each month a portion of the money that we provide for the 67 families to receive rice and beans will be used to buy 3 more goats. This will continue until all 67 families have a female goat. When the goat has her first kid, and is weened probably (oversight by an agronomist) the kid will be given to Joseph and his friend and then given to another family outside of the current 67 that are receiving rice and beans. We are told having a goat in Haiti is like winning the lottery. All glory to God!

And much is being done when we are not in Haiti… the church is almost completed, the community bathrooms are just waiting for the interior pieces and new well, stairs were put up to reach the room above the generator house and this room is now an office and holds all the extra pharmacy items and a concrete pad was put down in front of the clinic, along with a wall around the tree in front of the clinic to redirect water when it rains! 

Many saw and experienced God in a big way on this trip. The Gospel was preached and taught and seen in practical ways! Thank you St. Paul’s for your continued support and love for the people of Haiti. Your prayers and contributions have helped to change this small corner of Haiti in great ways! Let us always remember that God is in control and has His perfect plan awaiting us to join Him in it!




Happy New Year Everyone!

This Saturday a team from St. Paul’s Methodist Church of Brick will be heading back to Haiti for 8 days on their 4th trip in 4 years. I am blessed to be going with them along with some of our otherwise summer team members; Allyn, Nicole and Sophia. St. Paul’s was introduced to this part of Haiti in 2014 and have partnered with SOFM and Aslan Youth Ministry ever since by providing much needed help and support for the Haitian people.

The team of 15 will include 5 people who will be going for the first time. It is exciting to see how the Lord has burdened the hearts of the St. Paul’s congregation to continue their mission trips each year. It is equally encouraging

to see how their congregation has supported this trip financially from the adults to the Sunday School children.

While in Haiti we will again be partnering with Aslan Youth Ministry on their land in Lac’ajue. In the mornings we will be doing work projects that include putting a roof on the church and a 2nd cistern on top of the generator house. Both of these projects are essential. 

There is a temporary church that has served the people of Lac’ajue for the last two years, but what a blessing it will be to have a sturdy, leak proof structure for all their church activities.

Likewise, since the Clean Water Project began last spring, the single cistern has provided enough water daily for families, however it has left the Medical Clinic without water in the morning until the cistern fills up again. Having two cisterns will allow water to flow for the water collection as well as the clinic!

For 4 days the team will also be providing Bible Camp for the younger kids while English and discipleship will be provided for the older youth.

Over 50 children in Lac’ajue will receive new sneakers provided this year by the folks of St. Paul’s. This distribution is so important and helps to prevent sickness by covering their feet properly. We will also be distributing rice & beans through the Grains of Grace Feeding program,  blessing a few families with goats for a more sustainable food source and 4 sewing machines will be supplied to those who will then use them to make a sustainable living.

God is on the move! We appreciate your prayers while we travel in and out of the country and for all the time we will be spending with our Haiti friends and families showing them the love of Jesus!



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