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From the very first trip that SOFM went on to Haiti, two things has remained constant… life in Haiti is extremely difficult while the people of Haiti continue trusting and praying for God’s help and provision.

Step of Faith has experienced God’s goodness by being one of the vehicles He uses to help His people there.

Right now the cost of living in Haiti has escalated due to the lack of government and increase in gang violence in Port-au-Prince. When the gangs prevent the fuel trucks from coming to Ounaminthe, the gas prices skyrocket and because of that, the food costs do the same.

We are putting out the need for Haiti Relief Aid to help our friends get through this period of time when food and fuel have become difficult to buy. 

If you would like to help, you can send a check to: Step of Faith / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ / 08723 OR you can use our Paypal on this site. Please put in the memo: Haiti Relief.

We ask all of you to please stop and pray for God to intervene and provide the basic necessities for our friends and families in Lac’ajue. They continue to be a people of prayer and we believe God will answer!

Thank you!

Hi All,

Here is a video from the trip to Haiti in May…such a blessing!!


Hello Everyone!

While there is not a team going down this July to Haiti, there is a special event that we still want to bless the children who graduate to the next grade level with. Going to school in Haiti is not like here in the US. The cost to send a child to kindergarten through senior year of high school is unaffordable to most Haitians. This is why school sponsorships are so important and SOFM has been sponsoring children in various areas of Haiti since 2003.  Most parents who have children in school, have never gone to school themselves. To find ways to encourage a child to do well in school when they lack educated parents who can speak into the importance of education is why Joseph approached SOFM 10 years ago. 

At the beginning of each school year (as well as during the year) Joseph has meetings with parents who have children in school. The parents and children are told that they will receive a special gift at the end of their school year if they graduate to the next level. The gift is a one-day trip to the beach. Having the ability ride in a large bus to a beach and spend the day swimming, playing and forgetting about the hardships that they live through day after day in their small town of Lac’ajue has been beautiful to witness.  Joseph would love to be able to do this again this year. The cost is about $900 which includes the buses, beach fee, and a drink for each of the 150+ children plus adults who go along to help watch them.

If you would like to help get these students to the beach this year you can send a donation through Paypal and put “Haiti Beach Day” in the  memo OR send a check to: Step of Faith Ministry / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ 08723 – We are hoping to have the money for this special day by May 15th.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our children in Haiti!



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