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This Sunday at 6:30am our team of 18 is flying from Philly to Cap to start our 10 day trip in Lac’ajue, Haiti! Our picture to the left is minus 4 of our team members, but all of us will be leaving bright and early Sunday morning for our flight!

We are asking for your prayers… Flying into Cap can be a difficult one because customs may ask for bribe money to get us (and our 28 bags full of gifts and supplies for our families and friends) out of the airport.

Our specific prayer is for 12:30pm when we land in Cap. The prayer is that we can walk right through and out of the airport without being hassled. This is the first time I am bringing a team through Cap (because there was an uncertainty whether the border was going to be open or not). Normally we fly through the DR and do not encounter any problems at the airport.

We appreciate your prayers! Especially between 12:30-2:30pm on Sunday!

On July 3rd our team of 18 will be flying to the DR and then traveling to Haiti for a long awaited 10 day trip! Some have been preparing since December of 2019 and because of covid, were unable to go last year. This July the original 10 will be joined by 8 others, some who have never been to Haiti and a few who are returning again. Everyone is excited and looking forward to what the Lord would have us to do while we are there.

We ask for your prayers for travel in and out of the countries as well as for all the time we will be serving along side our families and friends. We have many things planned… 4 day Bible Club, 2 day Youth Camp, Sewing School Graduation, bringing a variety of needs to our families in the village and taking our students, who have graduated from their grade, to the beach. We will also be spending time at Danita’s Orphanage for an afternoon to bring singing and dancing through the Agape Arts girls. And a side note…

Thank you to all who participated again this year with our new shoe donation for Danita’s orphanage! All the shoes were shipped out to FL a few weeks ago and should be arriving in Haiti shortly.

Now back to our up coming trip…

And that is just what “we” have planned. We know that God’s plans are always better and His timing in perfect, so we are open to His leading while we are there!

We will be returning late on July 12th and appreciate your prayers for that as well.

We always knew that having an American presence in Haiti would be helpful with the day to day, month to month, activities, but Sophia’s first month in Haiti has gone above any of the expectations!

Is it because she has been going to Haiti since 2012? Is it because God placed this calling on her when she was only 15? Is it because she knows Joseph’s family so well that he refers to her as “his daughter”? Is it because she is so acquainted with the people and area that her comfort level is beyond the normal missionary? I believe all of the above and more!

One of my hearts desires since joining SOFM in 2007 has been to help raise up future missionaries. Little did I know that it would begin in a gymnastics class with an eleven year old student named Sophia!

As SOFM and Aslan Youth Ministry began to partner more and more in Haiti, the desire for future missionaries turned into more of a reality. Waiting on God to do His work in and through Sophia as He was developing her and preparing her to be sent has become one of the highlights of my personal Christian walk.

Sophia has only been in Haiti for one month and the amount of information she has gathered, communicated and prepared for both ministries to better understand and move forward is priceless!

With this in mind, I would like to share a few areas of need that Sophia has brought to our attention to help better the mission house, where Sophia lives (upstairs), where Joseph’s family resides (downstairs) and where our teams stay when in Haiti. If  after reading it you would like to contribute, please do so through the paypal link on our blog and in the memo area put: Haiti Mission House OR you can send a check to: SOFM / PO Box 805 / BRICK, NJ 08723 and in the memo put: Haiti Mission House



The mission house is run on a generator. With the cost of diesel on the rise and the cost to repair it becoming a constant, Sophia and Joseph have been working on the expense to put solar on the roof. There is currently two panels that do help to run the lights and fans a few hours a day. However, for $3000, the entire house can run on solar 24/7 leaving the generator to be used as a back up.


It is very hot in Haiti, especially in the summer months when most teams are down. While there are fans in the rooms upstairs, more are needed to push the air around at night. We are looking to purchase another 5 fans that can be hung on the walls upstairs to generate air flow. Each fan is about $175 (available in the Haiti “Home Depot” in Cap).


Chairs at the mission house break easily, unfortunately. They are currently the plastic chairs that we have here in the states. There are stronger chairs that Joseph and Sophia have priced out (available in the Haiti “Home Depot” in Cap) that are about $25 each. They are reinforced with metal and will last a long time.

Please continue to pray for Sophia and the work that the Lord has for her to do. As our dear friend Danita has said…

“If you are called to Haiti it is like living a dream, if you are not called, it is like living a nightmare.” Sophia, you are living your dream, your desires and your purpose. SOFM is so proud of you!!

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