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For the past 9 years, SOFM has been partnering with New City Fellowship Church in Atlantic City. Each year the Lord brings together unique teams to serve around AC and alongside the New City Church. 

Even though this summer we had our smallest team (5) with Ron blessing us two nights at Bible Camp, we were amazed as God took us on a journey of faithfulness by being “flexible and pioneering”. A big thank you to the team for stepping out of their comfort zone to go to a place where many chose not to go. Thank you to Pastor Santo and his staff for taking such great care of us again! And thank you to all who prayed and supported this team.

The video gives a summary of our trip!

Just One Drop

This Saturday, a team from True Life Church will be heading to AC to partner with New City Fellowship Church. This is the 9th year that Step of Faith is working along side Pastor Santo and his staff and we are excited to join them again!

Our connection with New City is not just in AC. The team there is spreading the gospel and connecting the community to the church 24/7, while we come down once a year. However, their efforts have expanded to the Brick area over the past several years.

The Tutoring program at the Maple Leaf apartments in Brick will be entering its 7th year this fall!

Soccer clinics and Bible Camps have brought the gospel and built relationships with the community for the past 6 years!

This winter True Life will be replicating the Christmas Store in the Brick area, that New City does each year in AC…more information will come out in the fall!

It takes a village to raise a village, no matter if it is local, statewide or internationally.

We are blessed to be a part in various areas of the world and AC is one of those places that allows us to see God at work in wonderful ways.

Please pray for our team and the work a head for us next week. Please pray for the hearts that will be touched and opened at the 3-night Bible Camp and the other connections and bridges that will be built.

Thank you!

This summer Step of Faith will be involved in a variety of mission opportunities in Brick, Atlantic City, and Haiti…

We are always blessed to see how the Lord directs us and allows us to be a part of what He is already doing.

In Brick…

True Life Church, which meets at Brick Memorial H.S. will be having their Vacation Bible Club at the Maple Leaf Apartments from June 10-14; including an afternoon at Allaire Community Farms. This VBS is bringing together volunteers from other local churches, those who have been volunteering at the After-school Tutoring Program at Maple Leaf during the past 6 years. Ages 5-12 will enjoy 3 nights of songs, skits, crafts and a dinner… all pointing to the love of Jesus. On Friday, those 8-12 years old will have the opportunity to go spend some time at Allaire Community Farm.



New City Fellowship Church in Atlantic City

Step of Faith is returning for their 9th summer mission trip to work alongside NCF in Atlantic City from August 3-9th. During our week in AC we will be duplicating our VBS that we are doing at Maple Leaf this year, in one of the local apartment complexes. The trip also includes discipleship as we learn more about urban ministry and how we can be best effective in reaching the lost for the Gospel. This trip has birthed other ministries in the past including the Maple Leaf tutoring program and the VBS at Maple Leaf.



Haiti Mission Trip

This year we will have two teams going to Haiti. One from June 22-29 and the other from June 29-July 6. Our first team, made up of students and parents from Agape Arts, are all going on their first mission trip! While in Haiti they will be using their talents to bless the people of Lac’ajue and Danita’s orphanage through dance and songs. This team of 10 will also be providing a 4-day VBS and will be taking the graduates from Lac’ajue to the beach for the day. For these children, going to the beach would compare to a child going to Disney for the first time. They will have the opportunity to work in the Aslan Medical Clinic, provide needed supplies to families in Lac’ajue and help give out the last of our goats through our Goats of Grace Program.

Our second team, while a little smaller, will be blessing the youth of Lac’ajue with a 3-day youth camp focused on what it means to be a Godly leader. We will be taking them to the beach as well and we will work together to make a Scripture Garden throughout the Aslan property so that all who come on the land for church, clean water, or to go to the medical clinic, will be able to read the word of God in various places.

Haiti Interns

For the second year in a row, Tara and Sophia will be returning to Haiti for a 6-week internship through a partnership with SOFM and Aslan Youth Ministry. This year the girls are coming up with their own schedule which will include a variety of opportunities to share the love of Jesus in word and deed. Tara will continue her work in the Medical Clinic and village, working alongside the Haitian medical staff as well as going out into the village to document and help the children of Lac’ajue. Sophia will be working on a clean water project throughout the north-east part of Haiti as well as continuing to teach English. They both have a desire to disciple the youth and medical staff so that the Gospel can be seen and heard more clearly and intentionally. 

Like with any opportunity that God gives us… there will be many surprises and other opportunities (than listed above) for those stepping out to serve God and His people. We ask that you please keep all of this in your prayers. We will be updating as the summer goes on. Thank you!

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