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Throughout the years people have asked, “Where does the ministry need support, help and prayer?” During the month of February, we would like to highlight individuals who Step of Faith supports so that they can do the work of the ministry from NJ to Italy to Albania. Because these men and women have taken a step of faith to go out and do what God is calling them to do as supported Pastors, staff, missionaries and overseers, many around the world are hearing the good news of Jesus Christ while meeting practical physical and emotional needs. This week… New Jersey…


Mike Durante – Hope Albania Church  ~ Mike has been the pastor of this Albanian church in NJ for many years. This church allows Albanians who come to America a place to worship God in their language. Mike also has discipled and brought some of his congregation back to Albania where they have witnessed to their Muslim family members and many have come to know Jesus Christ. Mike is the reason why SOFM began involvement with Pastor Plator and the ministry in Albania in 2014. SOFM currently supports Mike on a monthly basis through our General Fund.


Ted & Katie Kenney – Plays on Word Theater ~ Ted & Katie began POW out of a desire to spread the word of God through Biblical one-man plays. Each year their audiences have expanded to now include not only churches, but also prisons, schools, youth groups, outreaches and over the past 2 years… Albania. They travel throughout the US and plan to expand their global ministry as well. Hearts are being changed as Ted brings the stories of the bible to life through these free events. They are considered ‘state-side missionaries’ of whom SOFM currently supports monthly through our General Fund.


Karen Peet ~ Rooted in Love ~ Towards the end of the time that Karen was a board member with SOFM, she began to feel that a different path for her was about to begin. Karen took a big step of faith as she began Rooted in Love; a ministry that shows the love of Jesus to the adult entertainment industry (now) at several dance clubs in the tri-state area. With the monthly outreaches growing, the relationships with the woman and owners of the clubs continue to grow. Women are seeing Jesus through Karen and her volunteers as they meet with them in the clubs and show them love through conversations, gifts and prayer. SOFM currently supports Rooted in Love monthly through the General Fund.


We are excited to partner with the above ministries and watch how God is touching the lives of so many, near and far, in places that we might want to go and places that we might not.  If you would like to help get behind the funding of one of the above ministries, you can, by donating through our General Fund. Your support will help SOFM continue their support for all of them. And your prayers for these guys (and gals) is always appreciated! God is using them in big ways! Thank you!

Happy New Year from Step of Faith Ministry!

As we step into the new year we want to thank everyone who continued to pray and support the ministry of Step of Faith during 2023! If you prayed, stayed, went and/or financially gave… here is a list of those who received and who have said “Thank You, Faleminderit, Mesi and Grazie!!!!”

  • ~ Maple Leaf Tutoring Program Students ~ Brick NJ
  • ~ Karen Peet – Rooted in Love ~ NJ
  • ~ Ted & Katie Kenney – Plays on Word Theater ~ US and global
  • ~ The families of Carver Hall through New City Fellowship Church ~ Atlantic City NJ
  • ~ Families who shopped at the Christmas Store through New City Fellowship Church ~ Atlantic City NJ
  • ~ Pastor Mike Durante ~ Hope Albania Church ~ Garfield NJ
  • ~ 94 families who receive Grains of Grace [rice & beans] ~ Lac’ajue Haiti
  • ~ 100’s of Families who receive medical care at the Clinic of Hope ~ Lac’ajue Haiti
  • ~ 18 Students who are receiving support for education ~ Lac’ajue Haiti
  • ~ 100’s of families who receive clean water through the Clean Water Program ~ Lac’ajue Haiti
  • ~ Adults and children who receive Relief Aid for food and medical ~ Haiti & Albania
  • ~ Pastors and staff from Albania
  • ~ 24 people who receive Bundles of Blessings [food bundles] ~ Albania
  • ~ The 500 children and over 100 youth who were able to attend the VBS and Youth Camps ~ Albania
  • ~ Children & staff from the Residential Home and Day Center ~ Maliq Albania
  • ~ 5000 children who received the gospel through the Christmas Shoeboxes ~ Albania
  • ~ Pastor Santo Garafalo ~ Baronissi Italy
  • ~ Pam Hess ~ missions coordinator for Step of Faith ~ Brick NJ

All people listed above have received support through SOFM in 2023. Without all of the support this would not be possible! Thank you so much for making 2023 a year of blessings for so many. As 2024 begins, we pray that God will bless you with good health and provision. We ask that you would please pray the same for our families and friends, near and far, that we have the privilege and blessing to know and support. And please pray for the continued support into Step of Faith so that we can carry out the above ministries! Thank you!



Merry Christmas to All!

We hope that this letter finds you well as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth. We are excited to share that this year marks the 20th Anniversary for Step of Faith Ministry! And because of this celebration, we would like to share a little about the history of SOFM and then briefly how God took us through 2023.

As Step of Faith celebrates its 20th year as a ministry, we continue to see the message of the gospel spread both in word and deed. And we are reminded of how God has been using SOFM not only in the areas of our own ministry, but through those that we support so that they too can experience His faithfulness within their ministry. Our founder, Bob Hager, had a vision that he shared years ago… He said that he hoped one day that SOFM would be like a “hub” on a wagon wheel with all the spokes going out from it representing all the churches and ministries that SOFM was involved in. While Bob did not get to see that vision, all of us who have been involved over the past 13 years have watched God expand and develop the ministries in and through SOFM in that very way!

Trying to explain all the ministries that SOFM can support because of our wonderful supporters would take many more pages than we have time for. However, we would like to give you the list of these partnering ministries so that you can see just how far-reaching God has made ministry over the past 20 years.

  • Maple Leaf Tutoring Program ~ Brick, NJ
  • Hope Albania Church ~ Garfield NJ
  • Rooted in Love ~ NJ and Pennsylvania
  • New City Fellowship Church ~ Atlantic City, NJ
  • Plays on Word Theater ~ US and Global
  • Aslan Youth Ministry ~ Lac’ajue, Haiti
  • Danita’s Children ~ Ouanaminthe, Haiti
  • Mode & John Leslie Dorcely ~ PAP, Haiti
  • Santo & MaryEllen Garafalo – Salerno, Italy
  • Hands of Providence ~ Albania [with Pastor Plator Collaku]

It is both amazing and humbling to look back over the past 20 years and see all that has taken place within this ministry. To think that Bob Hager started going to Haiti in the late 80’s (over 30 years before SOFM became an actual ministry) with the simple desire to serve Jesus. Only God knew that was just the beginning of what was going to be done through him and ultimately through the ministry that he and Sue began in 2003. This small ministry has grown to not only serve in NJ, Haiti, and Albania, but through mission trips to Haiti, there is now a full-time missionary in Zambia who contributes her calling to that country having come out of her two trips to Haiti. Another youth, now married, has her own ministry to Haiti, after spending much of her life serving and going to Haiti with SOFM. And just this year, SOFM can say that we have expanded to Salerno, Italy, when the founding pastor and his wife, Santo & MaryEllen Garafalo from New City Fellowship in Atlantic City moved there to continue cross-cultural ministries internationally.

We also celebrate this year how God has taken those from within SOFM and brought them into their own ministries… Karen Peet, who spent years with us as a board member and part-time assistant to the ministry, continues in her own ministry Rooted in Love that has recently expanded into many more areas locally,  ministering to the woman in the dance clubs and watching God transform lives. And then there is Nicole Falke, now Nicole Collaku, who served on the board for many years, traveling to Haiti many times and also AC, desiring to one day do full-time ministry. She married Pastor Plator Collaku from Albania this past September and now serves full-time with him in Albania!

Near and far we have been witnessing the amazing faithfulness of God. Here is a brief summary of some of that from just this year…

Our Maple Leaf Tutoring Program began at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Brick back in January due to a flooding issue at the clubhouse in Maple Leaf. We were so grateful for the ability to use the St. Paul’s van to pick up the children and bring them to their church each Tuesday. We finished in June with a trip to the Point Pleasant Boardwalk and by doing so ended our 10th year with the kids. In October we were able to start back at the clubhouse in Maple Leaf and currently have time with both the middle school and elementary students each Tuesday. We are so thankful for our volunteers and for the ability to begin our 11th year with these wonderful children.

The early part of this year also provided Pam with the opportunity to go back to Haiti with Craig from Aslan for a short but informative administrative trip. It was wonderful to see everyone again and to see how the ministry is going. Despite the extreme difficulties in this country, the ministry continues to be stable and even growing in various areas.

A need for winter coats for the children in the small town of Moglica, Albania (that the Albania team visited last summer)  was made known to us in the beginning of the year and through Living Faith Bible Church in Brick, over 50 beautiful coats were given and then taken to Albania with Pastor Plator and Nicole in March. These children, who otherwise were going without proper coats, are now warm and thankful for their beautiful gifts.

Staying with Albania, we were able to send funding once again for the summer VBS and Youth Camps that provided weeklong camps to mostly Muslim children. The fruit of these camps, as well as the work of the evangelical team that serves in Albania, continues to grow the children’s programs, the youth programs and multiplying the churches.

We had a second team return to Albania in August & September and it was another blessed trip. We saw that the ministry is growing on many levels through the evangelistic team, various bible programs and youth events, along with the increase of church plants. The trip was capped off with the wedding of Nicole and Plator!

A team returned to Atlantic City in August to serve for our 12th year with New City Fellowship Church. This year Pam had a co-leader, Rachel, who has the desire to continue to step into leadership roles more and more. Since her first trip to Haiti at the age of 15, doors continue to open for her to do just that. Rachel will be leading the team to AC next summer with Pam going along as a team member!

We are so grateful for your participation in the ministry and for your prayers. None of this would be possible without the generous donations and involvement of people like you. We are so thankful for you and your desire to support the ministry of Step of Faith. Thank you for celebrating 20 years of ministry with us!

If you would like to support any of the ministries mentioned or help us build up our General Fund which fuels all the above ministries, you can do so by sending your support to:

Step of Faith Ministry / PO Box 805 / Brick, NJ 08723

or go to our website and give through our Paypal account at:

We pray that you would have a joyful Christmas season and look forward to continuing our relationship with you in 2024!

Serving Him Together,

Step of Faith Ministry

Sue, Patrick, Debra, Allyn, Ron, Jess, Tina & Pam



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