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Isaiah 55:8-9

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways, My ways”, declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

With all that we have experienced thus far this year both as a country and a world, we would think that SOFM would be in a lesser position to help the hurting and needy here in NJ and in Haiti and Albania. Thankfully, God’s ways are not our ways!

SOFM would like to thank all those who continue to pray for our ministry as well as those who continue to support us financially. The financial support so far this year has blessed us so much, yet not as much as all those who are then receiving the much needed help through your donations!

Locally: Continued pastoral support for Pastor Santo Garofalo with New City Fellowship in Atlantic City and Pastor Michael Durante with Hope Albania Church in Elmwood

Locally: We restarted the Maple Leaf Tutoring Program for a small group of students two weeks ago and already it is a blessing for all who are volunteering and participating

Locally: Various needs that come to us through out the month that we look to meet…


Albania: Continued pastoral support for Pastor Plator Collaku with the Liberniq & Maliq Church and Pastor Geno Bregu with the Sayjan Church ~ Continued Albania Relief for the many who these pastors are ministering to which includes food bundles as they present the Gospel in this predominantly Muslim country ~ among other needs…

Haiti: Continued support for the running of the Clinic of Hope Medical Clinic in Lac’ajue ~ Continued support for the Grains of Grace Feeding Program ~ Continued support for the 29 students attending school through Double Harvest and the 16 students receiving education through Aslan Youth Ministry, along with two students in trade school ~ Continued Haiti Relief for the families in Lac’ajue that has been increasing the Grains of Grace Feeding Program, enabled additional money for the increase in fuel prices along with emergency funding for the unforeseen ~ Continued support for an additional village closer to PAP through a long time relationship ~ additional blessings in the form of a motorcycle for  one of our dear friends and support staff through Aslan Youth Ministry ~ and so much more…

All the above, and so much more, would never be possible without the love and support of our supporters and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!

Thank you!!


Happy New Year!

We hope your New Year is starting off well! Here are just a few events to bring to your attention as we begin 2017…


Since 2007 we have been collecting new shoes for Danita’s Orphanage in Ounaminthe, Haiti. The shoes are given to image4all of Danita’s children who wear them to church and school. You wouldn’t think a pair of shoes was so important, but try buying for over 100 children each year! Our New Shoe collection allows many to make a difference in the lives of a child in Haiti.

This year’s shoe collection begins this Sunday, January 29th. If you attend Redeemer Fellowship, Calvary Presbyterian, St. Paul’s Methodist or True Life Church, you will have an opportunity to pick up a shoe tag starting this Sunday. If not, and you would like a shoe tag, please email:


IMG_3663We will be return to Haiti this summer during the first week of July with a team consisting of people from New Jersey and South Carolina. Our preparation has begun and we will update you on all that this team will be doing as we draw closer to our departure date.


This will be SOFM’s 7th trip to serve along side Pastor Santo and New City Fellowship Church in Atlantic City. AC (12 of 241)

The dates for the trip are: Sat., August 5 – Friday, August 11.

Our first team meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb 7th at 6:30 at the Maple Leaf Clubhouse. 255 Sawmill Rd., Brick
Cost is $350 with fundraising opportunities.
Please keep the above opportunities in mind and in prayer.
Just One Drop ~


Merry Christmas Family and Friends,

We hope  you are well as you prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth. It is during this time of celebration that we would like to share a Praise Report of the Lord’s work throughout 2016.

There is so much to be thankful for this year as we look back and see the Lord’s hand upon the ministry, the volunteers and those we serve. The Lord continues to show Himself in the tiny details as well as the big events. How humbling it is to see how much He loves his people by concerning Himself in all the details. The message of the gospel continues to be spread while meeting tangible needs throughout New Jersey, Haiti and beyond. A term that best describe the journey this year seems to be “connecting the dots”.

The dots are connecting a lot in our Jerusalem, the town of Brick. The Maple Leaf Tutoring Program that began in 2013 continues to be a beacon of light in this community. As individuals share the vision of ML with others, the amount of local churches that are involved grows; each one bringing the love of Jesus to the students on Tuesdays as well as other special events.

The Brick Police, spearheaded by Sgt. Jim Kelly, made Maple Leaf a district this year, which means a group of officers are assigned to Maple Leaf all the time. The officers frequent the Tuesday homework club, knowing almost all the students by name, coming inside to talk with them and even helping with homework. As some of the younger students come off their bus they run and jump into the arms of the officers. Older students are seen playing football or basketball with them as well. The PAL mentorship program continues in 2016 allowing older students to learn how to mentor younger students as they address important life issues.

So many churches are offering their talents, gifts and service to make this year extra special. Whether someone is writing a letter of recommendation for a senior looking to go to college or Grace Bible Church in Wall providing a one day soccer clinic at Maple Leaf, in the pouring rain, complete with a Gospel message and BBQ, the children are being blessed. Students were invited back to St. Paul’s Methodist VBS and Grace’s Soccer Camp during the summer and over 20 students were bused to Allaire Community Farm for their first Bible Farm Adventure Camp that True Life Church sponsored. Backpacks and school supplies were collected by various individuals; over 50 hats were knit by women of St. Paul’s as well as Christmas presents provided through some of St. Paul’s school students. Many children are also attending the 4th annual Christmas Party at Maple Leaf where they will hear the true meaning of Christmas. So many relationships continue to grow, gospel centered one-on-one conversations are happening and growing number of families are go to local church services and youth groups.

A bible study for a few of the older students continues as one of the students was baptized and currently serves in a local church body. If a family is in need, the need is made known and someone answers. Lots of dots are being connected.

Dots are being connected through individual needs elsewhere in Ocean County as well. One example is a family of 5 that lost everything in a fire during the fall. With the need being made known, a bulk email blast and a couple of text messages all of the family’s needs were met through Good Stuff Thrift Store as well as a local family providing Christmas gifts.

A little further south in Atlantic City, our partnership with New City Fellowship Church continues to grow with our fifth mission trip this past July. With a large contingent of volunteers from Life Chapel of Point Pleasant, we once again took part in helping to rehab homes while presenting a 3-night Bible Club at Carver Hall. Next summer may be our first AC team that will include a few Maple Leaf students.

This Christmas many children in AC are going to unwrap gifts that are once again provided through Life Chapel Church, and brought down to fill the New City Christmas Store. This store provides the opportunity for local families to come and shop for their own children at a very reduced cost. What a great way to see Jesus in action.

Our ministry to Haiti continues to grow in many ways as well this year. We returned in February with a team from St. Paul’s Methodist of Brick. The team carried down 65 pairs of new sneakers that were provided once again through Grace Methodist of Wyckoff. We brought down an art project to Danita’s Orphanage through Reborn Fashion and Aspiring Artists in which 30 students took part in. This art project will be providing a trust fund for the students to be accessed once they graduate from high school. The team also did a 4-day Bible Club and various work projects during the 8 day trip.

The July trip to Haiti included team members from various states including South Carolina, Colorado and Alaska. Some team members served in the Medical Clinic, alongside Dr. Daneste while others helped on a work project and Bible Club. Many graduates were treated to a day at the beach, which for some, was their first time.

For the first time 15 young adults who had put their faith in Jesus were baptized in the local river. This day was so special as it showed how the Lord is raising up future Christian leaders.

By the end of the summer the funding for the Grains of Grace Feeding Program only had enough to supply the 92 families for one more month. Yet after making the need known through one email, the funding is now available for more than 2 years! With this support we can begin to transition into a more sustainable provision through animals such as chickens and goats.

In America we can take bathrooms and clean drinking water for granted, however in Haiti it is very rare and so needed. Through a wonderful donation this year we will be able to provide a community bathroom on the Aslan property, next to the church, along with a daily provision of clean drinking water. This project will begin in February 2017.

In addition, through your support we continue to bless the children at Danita’s Orphanage through our New Shoe Collection each January, supplying a pair of new shoes to their 100+ children. Also with your help through our ongoing Nutrition Supplement Sponsorship Program we are currently supporting almost 30 of Danita’s children.

Our Education Sponsorship continues to provide education for both Haitian and Albanian students.  With 40 Haitian students going to primary school, three Haitian students enrolled in college and two Albanian students enrolled in college in Albania. Three of the college students are in seminary and serving in their local churches already.

We end with our final praise and also a need. The Aslan medical clinic has been open since July of 2015; with a full medical staff providing care for the people in and around Lac’ajue. The clinic has been open a half a day / 5 days a week during times when other local hospitals closed. The funding to run the clinic is very low. There is a current need to help keep the medical clinic up and running. If you are able to help you can do so through our Paypal account or send a check to: Step of Faith Ministry / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ 08723

We are so grateful for your participation in the various ministries and your prayers. None of this would be possible without the generous donations and involvement by people like you. We are so thankful for you and your desire to support the ministry of Step of Faith.

We pray that you would have a joyful Christmas season and look forward to continuing our relationship with you in 2017!

Serving Him Together,

Step of Faith Ministry







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