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Congratulations Graduates!!


Here is a wonderful example of our Education Sponsorship Program in Haiti at work! We are excited to share that in August we had 3 sponsored students graduate from Philo (Senior Year of H.S.) Graduating from Philo is not an easy task.

However these three young ladies; Emerceline, Emania, and Emernecie Joseph (all nieces of Joseph Israel) did just that and graduated!

For the next year (the 3 E’s) will do an internship through Aslan Youth Ministries Haiti program in Lac’ajue. Joseph, the liaison and backbone of Aslan Haiti, will oversee this internship. The ladies will be involved in many of the aspects of the ministry [medical clinic, feeding program, community projects, etc). During this year they will pray, learn, and be a large part of the daily function on the Aslan property. Prayerfully in one year they will have the opportunity to go to college.

Judsen, with his church behind him.These young ladies are added into the growing list of graduates who now have a future to truly look forward to. Like Judsen Jean (photo left) attending seminary in Cap-Haitien, and preaching each Sunday at children’s church in Lac’ajue. Education in Haiti is so important, that as an American, it is difficult to truly understand.

If you would like to help provide education in Haiti, please let us know. We do have students in need of sponsors.

Thank you to those who already fill in the gap and help provide the much needed support for our Education Sponsorship Program.

These girls are just 3 examples of the wonderful work that the Lord continues to do in Haiti!

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