Easter Came Early to Maple Leaf

  Easter At Maple Leaf…easter cross1

It is hard to believe that this past March marked our 2nd year anniversary at the Maple Leaf Clubhouse in Brick. With over 60 volunteers committed to building relationships, reaching the hearts of these kids and sharing the love of Jesus, it’s exciting to think what next year can bring!

This past week we celebrated Easter with almost 50 of the Maple Leaf kids…

wawa 1

We were blessed to have Wawa (Lanes Mill/Burnt Tavern) come with three representatives [Maria, Bridget and Ashley]to offer their services and cater the day. They blessed the kids with all kinds of sandwiches, snacks, desserts and drinks! A huge thank you their willing hearts to come and offer this service to us. The abundance of food was shared by all and even brought home by some.


Our next surprise for the kids involved a guest speaker. Through our connection with the Brick Police (officer Jim Kelly) we were blessed to have Chief of Police Bergquist come and speak to all the kids during the afternoon, first thepolice 1 younger group of almost 30 students and then the older group of over 20 students. It was Chief Bergquist’s desire to come and see what was going on inside the walls of the clubhouse on Tuesday afternoons after hearing about the homework club. What a blessing it was to hear him speak with the kids, answer many questions and encouraged them. Some of the boys were videoing the day as others rushed to his side, and to officer Kelly, to take pictures with them before they left.


Both groups of students heard the message of Jesus and His resurrection, before leaving. Pastor Chris, from True Life Church in Brick, presented Jesus in a very interactive way to the older group, while the younger group saw the gospel presented through an object lesson and craft. The opportunity to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior was presented and many prayed. A big difference from our first month in the clubhouse 2 years ago!

So many blessings, so many answers to prayers! This would not be possible without the many who volunteer each week, pray over these kids and their families each week and are committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Happy Easter!


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