Emergency Medical Fund & Medical Clinic at Work in Haiti!!

For the past 2 years, SOFM has been helping to support the running of the Aslan Medical Clinic of Hope in Lac’ajue, Haiti. Through this funding as well as sending additional support for medical emergencies, we have seen lives being saved! We are praying for additional funding both to run the medical clinic (SOFM support is $1665 a month) and funding to continue to build up our Haiti Emergency Medical Fund. Here is a summary just from the past 2 months and the 4 lives that have received the money needed to treat them…

As a young girl, Fredeline was a happy face at our Bible camps in Haiti.  As a young lady, she is an active member of the Maranatha Church in Lacajou.  Approximately two months ago, we received a message from Joseph, our Haitian Administrator.  Fredeline was struck by a motorcycle outside of her home.  It was a hit and run accident causing a horrible injury to her lower leg.  Without emergency corrective surgery, this injury would have resulted in a below-the-knee amputation, or worse, if infection set in.  SOFM was able to provide aid in the amount $2000.00 for surgery and antibiotics.  Her leg was saved, and she attended Christmas services at Maranatha Church with her leg propped on a bench.


Dulta is a lovely 22-year-old who sings at the Maranatha Church services.  She developed a terrible infection in her breast that required 10 days of IV antibiotics in a Dajabon, DR hospital.  The photos (not provided for privacy) showed a very serious infection that erupted through the epidermal breast tissue.  SOFM was able to provide aid in the amount $1500.00 for hospitalization, testing, and medications.  Photos from Joseph, taken a few days prior to her hospitalization, amazingly show her singing at Christmas services, celebrating the birth of her Savior, despite her very painful infection. 


Many of you who have traveled to Haiti know Jean Claud Cilien, a past security guard who had a debilitating stroke.  His youngest son severely broke his arm two weeks ago.  Without corrective surgery, he would likely face a life of pain and disability.  SOFM was able to provide aid in the amount $1500.00 for his surgery, which he had last week in Dajabon.  And he is healing!!




Exalus is a musician at the Marantha church.  He was hit by a cement truck while traveling on a motorcycle.  He suffered terrible injuries, including fractures to his skull, arm and jaw.  He needed surgery to repair his injuries.  The surgeon would not operate without payment and Exalus suffered in the heat of Haiti while waiting for the emergency funding to arrive.  (A 2022 goal is for Joseph to have emergency money on hand in Haiti).  Due to the poverty of most Haitians and the lack of a national healthcare system like in the US, the people do not have a way to pay for their care, and without compensation, doctors and hospitals are unable and/or unwilling to provide care.  Thanks to the generosity of those who have a heart for the Haitian people, he made a full recovery, as can be seen here! 


In light of the recent inflation in Haiti (from political unrest and the pandemic), pediatric malnutrition has again been identified by Dr. Alix in the Clinic of Hope.  We have learned that the children most susceptible to malnutrition are the toddlers, when another baby has been born.  The mothers wean the toddlers to nurse the new babies and this challenges their ability to thrive.  Danita‚Äôs Children will admit the severe cases, but help is needed for the children who are followed as outpatients, (several of our Lacajou children). Peanut butter can be purchased in Ouanaminthe, but our Lacajou families often do not have the means to purchase this high protein, high fat food.



In addition to medical care, SOFM would like to begin sending funds to supplement the diet of the injured and ill.  The Haitian diet does not commonly include foods high in calcium and protein which aid in healing.  Milk and chicken are available in Ouanaminthe, but our Lacajou families often do not have the means to purchase these foods.

Please pray for continued healing for all of these injuries. 

If you would like to help us fund these necessary needs, you can through our Paypal or by sending a check to: SOFM / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ 08723

In the memo: Haiti Emergency Medical OR Medical Clinic Haiti


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