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Evangelistic Team Travel Needs

While our team was in Albania in September 2022, we were able to experience first hand how the Evangelistic Team from Pastor Plator’s church and church plants, function on a weekly basis. This part of the A-Team (Albania Team) goes out 5 days a week into the 98 villages that surround Korce. This vision, that Plator tells us is “God’s vision”, began to take shape 4 years ago. Today, all 98 villages have been and continue to be visited throughout the year. For most of these villagers, they will never leave where they live. They are born there, go to school there, work there and one day die there. Until recently they did not have any exposure to the Gospel. 

In order for the team to travel to these villages, some up to 5 hours away high in the mountains, they need the fuel to do so. Currently, the fuel budget is $375 a month. The team goes year round, no matter how cold, icy or snowy. They are committed to spread the Gospel in this country of 71% Muslim and many atheists, (because people have never heard about Jesus).



Thank you for considering helping this team “Go” and spread the Gospel to the remote areas of Albania!

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