First Medical Team to Visit Medical Clinic


Almost 3 years ago the 3-piece Aslan medical clinic was completed and shipped down to Haiti. This past October a small team of men spent two weeks putting the clinic together and securing it on the land in Lac’ajue. Only a few months later, a medical team from the US [volunteering about 1 1/2 hrs away] made a trip to Laca’jue for an afternoon visit.

Dr. Dan, the father of Jaylin who was part of last summer’s team, brought his team of doctors and nurses to spend the day visiting the children and their families as well as taking a tour of the land and medical clinic.

Dr. Jeff, who provided almost 1000 Jump Gel protein packs for our team to bring down last summer, provided the new Hope Gel protein packs for all the children in attendance. Lac’ajue is one of the most protein deficient areas in the world. These protein packs bring with it hope and nutrition for the children. [With each gel pack only costing $1, it is an affordable way for people to help us provide much needed nutrition]

Dr. Dan and his team were very excited to see the clinic and meet the villagers and are looking forward to coming back!

Thank you for making the trip!


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