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Food Provision Needed for a Happy New Year…

In 2012 a group of high school students, along with a few adults, went to Haiti with a $1500 gift donation looking to use it so that it would continue blessing the people of Lac’ajue for years to come…that was the beginning of the Grains of Grace Feeding Program. Now, 8 years later, this program has saved lives due to the provision of monthly rice and beans to 100’s of families who live in this small, rural town. A town without a mayor, without running water, without anyone helping other than Aslan Youth Ministries, who bought the 6 acres of land in 2005, and Step of Faith, who joined efforts in 2007. 

Over the past 8 years alone, not only has the Grains of Grace Feeding Program provided life-saving food each month, but for over 2 years there was the Goats of Grace Program that provided female goats to the families as well, which in turn, is continuing to provide baby goats for sale, food and repopulating. These two programs coupled with the Clean Water Program, that continues to provide clean drinking water to 100’s of families near and far for free, lives in Lac’ajue and beyond are being blessed with food and water…something we in America can more easily take for granted.

It is hard to image that people around the world wake up each morning wondering if they are going to eat that day. Praying that God would provide something to feed their children. The families in Lac’ajue once were part of that narrative. But because a team of youths decided to put this first love gift towards food provision, at least this group of people no longer have the fear of starving. 

As we enter the New Year we are in need of funding to keep the Grains of Grace Program running. With covid this past year, the price of food in Haiti skyrocketed and many more people were in need. We were able to supply more during this time, and now our funds have gone low. 

SOFM wires $1200 each month to cover the families in Laca’jue that we have been helping each year. If you are able to help us continue this program, you can send a check to:

SOFM / PO Box 805 / Brick NJ 08723

Or use the Paypal on our site.

Thank you and have a Happy New Year!!

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