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Goats of Grace Feeding Program


After pouring into the village of Lac’ajue with our Grains of Grace Feeding Program for 8 years, we have observed that those receiving the rice and beans each month are no longer in a starvation mode. Because of this wonderful news, in January of 2018, we started a new, more sustainable feeding program where the families can actually bring in an income over time.

The Goats of Grace Feeding Program provides 3-4 female goats a month to the families who are currently receiving the rice and beans. However, the month that a new family receives their goat, they do not receive the rice and beans. Each family will continue to receive rice and beans following the month that they receive a goat. There is a veterinarian who makes sure the goats are healthy and stay healthy. If any goats are mistreated, they will be given to another family and that family would not receive one again, but that type of treatment is unlikely.

[Not a valid template]When the female goat has her first kid, the kid is returned to Joseph and those overseeing this program and this goat is given to a new family who is not part of the Grains of Grace Feeding Program. Over time all families within the GofG Feeding Program will have their goat as well as many families outside of GofG. 

Owning a goat in Haiti is equivalent to winning the lottery! A goat provides a sustainable income for a family by selling the goats that are born and/or selling the milk.

If you would like to help us continue to provide goats to our families in Lac’ajue, please donate below. On average, a female goat will cost between $60-$80.

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