Going To Haiti!!

Hello Everyone,

Please pray for our Haiti Mission Team! We leave on Tuesday, June 26 and are returning on July 3. The pictures above are from our ‘packing party’ up at Aslan Youth Ministry. We will be bringing down many items to bless the people of Lac’ajue and Ounaminthe, including solar lanterns, solar flashlights and solar bibles as well as school supplies, baby food and clothing.

Our duffles are full of arts and craft supplies for our 4-day Bible Camp and we look forward to introducing the children to Slip & Slides! We will also visit with 50 families as we bless them with enough food to feed each family for a month!

Below are a couple pictures of the shoes that arrived at Danita’s orphanage in late May! They are all so happy to have them along with the many, many pairs of socks!

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We will be such to share our Haiti trip with you when we return.

Just One Drop,


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