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Grains of Grace Feeding Program


Haiti 2012 (Julia's) (169)The average Haitian makes less than $1 a day. Not by choice, but because of circumstances beyond their control. Food is therefore at a minimum and many mothers’ resort to feeding their children ‘mud pies’ due to this lack of food.

During the summer of 2012 we took a team of 9 to Haiti and during our time in the country we started the   Grains  of  Grace  Feeding  Program.

On July 1, 2012 this team handed out its first month of rice  to over 340 people, 50 families. This is a huge blessing for those caught in such poverty and starvation.

It is through ordinary people like you that currently 90 families, are no longer starving.

In the small village of Lac’ajue, Haiti, we have established a growing relationship with its people. Each year we return to bless the children with a 4-day Bible Camp, as well as provide supplies such as; hygiene kits, solar lanterns, solar bibles, blankets, etc. We help provide education for some and this fall the long awaited medical clinic will be arriving on the Aslan land in Lac’ajue for its people and will be a provision that will help change a generation.

You can help bring food to a family.

For $20 a month your donation will help feed a family with 19 pounds of rice &  3 pounds of beans per family.

Giving can be done two ways; monthly donation or one-time donation.

Please consider helping to meet this need and help us help more families in Lac’ajue receive ‘hope’ through the Grains of Grace Feeding Program.

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