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Haiti Child Education Sponsorship

Our Education Sponsorship Program is where we make some of our most significant impact in Haiti. We have been involved in this ministry since the beginning of SOFM.

We are currently partnering with 2 organizations that are on the ground in Haiti to help provide education for many students, which includes college age students.

Here in the States education is mandatory, but in is Haiti it is a privilege that most cannot afford.  Education in this poverty stricken nation equals opportunity and hope for a brighter future for these children.  Our partners in Haiti teach not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but teach of the life changing hope that is found in Jesus Christ. To help a child go to school for one year the cost is $540. This includes the cost for books, a uniform, tuition, a daily meal and medical attention. Support can be given once a year or monthly. Support can also be made in a lessor about of $425 in which the remaining balance will be absorbed by SOFM.

 Your support goes directly to the organization in Haiti and 100% of the support is used for your child.

Progress reports are sent to the sponsors, along with a picture and profile, so that a relationship between sponsor and child can be made.

The two organizations we are partnering with are:

Make a donation of $540 to give a child in Haiti an Education for 1 year.


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