Haiti Clean Water Program

Haiti Clean Water Program

In Haiti, unclean water is a leading cause of disease and death. Since Haiti goes through many drought seasons, the lack of water in general forces people to drink from polluted rivers teaming with e-coli. Even when water is provided in the area of Ounaminthe and Lac’ajue, it is through wells that are dotted around the country-side and not through any type of water-purification systems. Many of these wells are still polluted because they are shallow, and due to being shallow, they collect the impurities from the garbage and lack of sewage removal.

About 8 years ago a wonderful donor gave money for SOFM that we provided to Aslan Youth Ministry to build a clean water station on the property in Lac’ajue.

A 90 foot well was already dug,  so since the water station was built in 2015, it has been providing clean drinking water to 100’s of people in Lac’ajue and the surrounding remote villages that until now only had the rivers to get water from.

Sophia Amorski, (SOFM and Aslan’s) first Haiti missionary, did water testing last summer and concluded that this water being provided on the property is clean enough for us to drink!

Joseph, the Haitian director, set up this clean water station on the outside of the property fence so anyone can come and receive the water…for free! Many wells that have been dug by missionary groups (for free), once the missionaries leave, the strongest Haitian takes it over and charges money for the water. Not on the Aslan property!!

Joseph has also taken this water program a step further and now drives the truck into the remote areas of Lac’ajue and Baja and distributes the water in giant jugs so the people do not need to walk miles to get the water.

Funding is needed to keep this life-saving program going. It takes diesel fuel to run the generator, which runs the pumps to pump the water from the well, to the cisterns and to the water distributions area. We appreciate your donations and ask for your continued prayers for our friends in Haiti!

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