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Haiti – Double Harvest

Double Harvest was one of our stops while in Haiti.

Step of Faith Ministry has been supporting close to 30 children to attend school on the grounds of Double Harvest for many years. This 200 acre farm is like an oasis on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. Its medical clinic withstood the earthquake last year and continues to be a beacon of hope for so many in Haiti.

While we were there, we had the privelage to help out through welding, building and painting projects. We also visited a very remote village nicknamed “The Rock”, where a school/church is being built and where we brought up newly welded goals and a soccer ball for the children, and helped to construct a gate.

Double Harvest not only grows crops, it also grows trees for re-planting, has a tilapia farm and chicken project. Teams of builders, craftsman, and medical personal come and serve at Double Harvest year round.

One of the most remarkable parts of Double Harvest is that you can drink the water…out of the faucet!! This is unheard of in Haiti. However, Double Harvest has a 300 foot well that allows for pure drinking water. This water is also used for irrigating their crops. What a blessing it is to see a child’s head under a stream of water gushing from a pump and KNOW that it is clean!

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If you scroll to the bottom of the HOME page you will be able to watch a short video ‘New Video on Double Harvest Haiti’, which will give you a great overview of this wonderful ministry that is helping the Haitian people in so many ways…one drop at a time.

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