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Haiti Nutrition Supplements

This Program changed to the Medical Relief Fund for Laca’jue starting January 2020. All monies are now going towards the needs of the Clinic of Hope on the Aslan property in Lac’ajue. However, since 2010 the nutrition supplement program supplied the children at Danita’s Orphanage with over 400 units of fruit & vegetable supplements.


Your sponsorship for the Nutrition Supplement Program will allow children to receive much needed nutrients to help further their health and overall well being through a highly researched and tested fruit & vegetable supplement.

The children selected to receive this nutrient are orphans at Hope for Haiti Children Center in Ounanminthe, Haiti. Those who have been chosen to receive the supplements by the staff, are those who suffer from immune deficiency problems such as HIV and Hepatitis. Over the last 10 years, the staff at Hope has seen wonderful changes in their children’s health, such as; increased energy, hair growth, regulated menstrual cycles and less incidences of illness.


Details to the vision:

  •          For a little over $22 a month a child receives much needed fruit and vegetable nutrients.
  •          A sponsor’s commitment is for an 8 month block of time.
  •          A sponsor will provide a one-time payment of $165 to sponsor a child for an 8 month block.
  •          Payment can be made in a form of a check to Step of Faith Ministry, Inc. or through PayPal
  •          Each sponsor will be contacted to verify commitment for the next 8 month block.
  •          An end-of-the-year tax-deduction letter will be mailed to sponsor.
  •          Visit to find out more about current events pertaining to these children.
  •          Your entire donation will go toward the nutritional needs for the children of Haiti (not shipping or admin costs)

Make a donation of $165 to give a child in Haiti nutritional supplement for 8 Months.

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