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Haiti Team Leaving on July 3

On July 3rd our team of 18 will be flying to the DR and then traveling to Haiti for a long awaited 10 day trip! Some have been preparing since December of 2019 and because of covid, were unable to go last year. This July the original 10 will be joined by 8 others, some who have never been to Haiti and a few who are returning again. Everyone is excited and looking forward to what the Lord would have us to do while we are there.

We ask for your prayers for travel in and out of the countries as well as for all the time we will be serving along side our families and friends. We have many things planned… 4 day Bible Club, 2 day Youth Camp, Sewing School Graduation, bringing a variety of needs to our families in the village and taking our students, who have graduated from their grade, to the beach. We will also be spending time at Danita’s Orphanage for an afternoon to bring singing and dancing through the Agape Arts girls. And a side note…

Thank you to all who participated again this year with our new shoe donation for Danita’s orphanage! All the shoes were shipped out to FL a few weeks ago and should be arriving in Haiti shortly.

Now back to our up coming trip…

And that is just what “we” have planned. We know that God’s plans are always better and His timing in perfect, so we are open to His leading while we are there!

We will be returning late on July 12th and appreciate your prayers for that as well.

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