It’s hard to believe that this trip began with preparations back in October of 2013 and here we are already back. It took the efforts, prayers and involvement of so many this year to carry out all that we did while in Haiti for 15 days.

The pictures above give a little taste of the two weeks that the team of 18 experienced. Here is a recap…

Team 1 arrived on June 26 and Team 2 arrived on July 3. Each got to see the new mission house for the first time. Running water, flushing toilets, comfortable beds, a beautiful porch overlooking the airstrip and Carlene’s wonderful cooking were just some of the highlights. The teams enjoyed evenings with Joseph’s family and our friends, painting the girls nails, playing Uno and laughing, a lot.

The days started very early with a goat (right outside our window) who let us all know that the sun was about to come up.  By 7:30am we were downstairs for breakfast, a highlight was Carlene’s porridge.

Each team spent 4 days on the land providing a bible camp and lunch for over 120 children and helpers. For many of these children, this was their only meal for that day.

The new theme song this year became Taylor’s ‘Baby Shark’, which the kids loved. We sang it everywhere we went!

We made a “Hands Banner” of everyone’s hands; child, adult and helpers, and decorated 2 large canvases.

We provided a one day bible camp across the airstrip from Joseph’s house, and with each bible camp came games, arts & crafts and  songs that pointed them to Jesus. Rebecca provided devotions for the children during the first week as well.

Danita’s orphanage was a highlight during each week. Their pediatric medical center just opened and the tour of that, along with the rest of the property was exciting. We were able to leave 25 LuminAID solar lanterns with them and two duffels full of hygiene kits to be handed out to families in the area.

So many supplies were handed out each week that included; water bottles, hygiene kits, LuminAID solar lanterns, adult and baby blankets, Protein Jump Gels, children’s clothes and shoes and small toys. The donations that were given this year exceeded our expectations and more are still in Haiti to be handed out in the future. From every lantern that provides light to clothes that provide warmth, those receiving them were told that Jesus loved them and it was because of Him that we were able to hand them out.

Team 1 had the privilege of handing out June’s supply of rice and beans to our 50 families. Each family member represented was so thankful for the provision.

Team 2 received a big parade and party marking the 5th year that Joseph started his organization on the land. The day was filled with speakers, music, and food. It seemed like the entire village of Lac’ajue was there!

A BIG thanks to Rich Gunther for hooking up the electrical from the generator to the medical clinic! It was amazing to walk inside the clinic and see light and feel the air-conditioning!

Once again a big thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. It was a team effort on so many levels. We thank the Lord for bringing together such a dynamic group and for all the prayers, known and unknown, we thank you. Please continue to pray for our Haitian families and friends and all the work that still needs to be done.

Just One Drop,



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