Haiti: Trusting God in the Storm

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Hello Everyone,

The pictures above are of Jeremy, Haiti. They were taken when Patrick and I visited this area in 2011. As you can see the houses are not up to hurricane code and they sit very close to the ocean.

Many have inquired about how our families are doing in Haiti after hurricane Matthew made a direct hit over Jeremy. Here is a brief update on what we know and as always, we appreciate your prayers and support.

First, our families in Ounaminthe and Laca’jue were not effected by the storm, praise God. We just heard from our contact with Double Harvest, outside of Port-au-Prince, and all but 13 out of 500 students arrived back to school for their annual pictures. We have 40 students sponsored there and they all seem to be accounted for. The 13 that did not show up to school does not mean they are missing, but since Double Harvest is still waiting to hear, please pray for them and their families.

Danita and Brittany, from Danita’s Orphanage in Ounaminthe, traveled to Jeremy last week. This is a long way since Ounaminthe is on the boarder of the DR and Jeremy is at the end of the Haiti peninsula. We have already heard an encouraging story that I would like to share just reminding us that God is in the storm…

Many years ago Bob & Sue Hager (founders of SOFM) took in a young lady named Mode, from Haiti. Mode stayed with them in NJ and went to school. After graduating she returned to Haiti and got married to a pastor. Over the years she and her husband, along with their children, have traveled through out Haiti with his ministry. They lived for a season in Jeremy, along with Mode’s mother. [there is where we stayed when we visited in 2011]. Mode and her husband now serve in Cap Haitian, while her mother still lives in Jeremy.

After the hurricane Sue contacted Mode. Mode told her that her mother narrowly escaped her home before a tree crashed on it and the home fell. It sounds like her mother sustained a broken arm. With in the next 24 hours the following happened…

We heard that Danita was making her way to that side of the island but not sure if she was in Jeremy. I contacted Karris, who was back at the orphanage in Ounaminthe and told her about Mode’s mom asking if there was anything they could do to help her. Karris responded to me and sent my email to Danita. Within the hour I heard from Danita, who CC’d me on an email that was sent to Mode. Danita told Mode that she was in Jeremy and asked her how she could help her mother… ‘just one drop’. All this was just amazing to hear… God is in the storm!

If you would like to help the people of Jeremy recover from this devastating hurricane, you can send donations to:

Step of Faith Minitry

PO BOX 805 / Brick, NJ 08723

In the memo: Hurricane Relief

Or you can send donations through our Paypal account.

We are grateful that contact has been made with Mode’s mom and hep is available. There is so much that needs to be done for so many. Please continue to pray for the people of Jeremy and for those who are on the ground helping to bring much needed relief all in the name of Jesus.


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