Heading Back to Haiti…

Happy New Year Everyone!

This Saturday a team from St. Paul’s Methodist Church of Brick will be heading back to Haiti for 8 days on their 4th trip in 4 years. I am blessed to be going with them along with some of our otherwise summer team members; Allyn, Nicole and Sophia. St. Paul’s was introduced to this part of Haiti in 2014 and have partnered with SOFM and Aslan Youth Ministry ever since by providing much needed help and support for the Haitian people.

The team of 15 will include 5 people who will be going for the first time. It is exciting to see how the Lord has burdened the hearts of the St. Paul’s congregation to continue their mission trips each year. It is equally encouraging

to see how their congregation has supported this trip financially from the adults to the Sunday School children.

While in Haiti we will again be partnering with Aslan Youth Ministry on their land in Lac’ajue. In the mornings we will be doing work projects that include putting a roof on the church and a 2nd cistern on top of the generator house. Both of these projects are essential. 

There is a temporary church that has served the people of Lac’ajue for the last two years, but what a blessing it will be to have a sturdy, leak proof structure for all their church activities.

Likewise, since the Clean Water Project began last spring, the single cistern has provided enough water daily for families, however it has left the Medical Clinic without water in the morning until the cistern fills up again. Having two cisterns will allow water to flow for the water collection as well as the clinic!

For 4 days the team will also be providing Bible Camp for the younger kids while English and discipleship will be provided for the older youth.

Over 50 children in Lac’ajue will receive new sneakers provided this year by the folks of St. Paul’s. This distribution is so important and helps to prevent sickness by covering their feet properly. We will also be distributing rice & beans through the Grains of Grace Feeding program,  blessing a few families with goats for a more sustainable food source and 4 sewing machines will be supplied to those who will then use them to make a sustainable living.

God is on the move! We appreciate your prayers while we travel in and out of the country and for all the time we will be spending with our Haiti friends and families showing them the love of Jesus!



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