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Helping the People of Lakewood


It was such a blessing to see all those who came out on Saturday, May 7th to help the people of Lakewood. The Brick Fellowship Group from Fellowship Chapel met earlier in the morning to put together bagged lunches that were received with grateful hearts as they were handed out around the Lakewood Square. Youth from Fellowship Chapel also helped out by unloading clothes and food from minister Steve’s bus, organizing it on the tables and talking with the local families. The Easter bags, which each held a children’s New Testament Spanish Bible, a home made chocolate cross and jelly beans, were a big hit with the little ones, as well as their parents. Handing out the Gospel of John in Spanish gave us still another opportunity to connect with families and speak with them about Jesus.

After our time in the square, a few of us went back to the Tent City with minister Steve and helped cut up firewood. It is a blessing to be used as the Lord’s hands and feet where ever He may lead.

Many thanks to all who helped out! It is sobering to see that just minutes away from where many of us live, are families in such need.

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