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Helping to Build an Army for Jesus in Albania

Hello Everyone,

We have a request and a way that you can join us in helping to build an army of Jesus followers in Albania… [the photo to the left is a majority of the current A-Team army]

For the past several years SOFM has helped Pastor Plator with finance support for his Summer VBS and Summer Youth Camp. His desire has been to have 1 week for the younger children (about 400-500 non-Christians) and a 1 week discipleship camp for the high school youth that have been desiring to grow deeper in their faith as well as those who are just now coming to know Jesus as their Savior. 

This year Pastor Plator is planning a 1-week VBS for about 500 non-Christian elementary children at a cost of $6000. These children will come for 5 days to learn about Jesus through skits, songs, crafts and games and food. The camp is amazing with many of Plator’s staff and volunteers creating the scenery and various ways that the children will be able to understand and receive Jesus as their Savior.

In the past Plator has asked for financial help with the youth camp also. Last summer there were 75 high school students who came to the 1-week discipleship camp. This year there are 250!! God is truly raising up an army of Jesus followers! The current staff and volunteers who go out and minister in some capacity 7 days a week in and around Libonik, have come through this discipleship program.

There is a need to have 2 youth camps this summer. Each camp costs $6000 so that is $12,000 for the youth camps and $6000 for the VBS.

When I first started to volunteer with SOFM, before becoming the missions coordinator, founder Bob Hager gave me very good advice. He told me that when God presents a need, put it out to people you know and watch what God does with it. 

$18,000 for 3 camps can seem like a lot to raise, however, we won’t know unless we let the need be known!

We have seen first hand what God is doing in Albania and if the past 8 years are any indication to what the next 8 can bring, it is a very exciting time to be a part of what God is doing there.

Please share this need with those you know and pray. Pray that God will provide the financial needs so that these eager young people can receive discipleship training and then go out and become more of the growing army of Jesus followers that is being raised up in Albania!

If you want to help us meet this goal, we need to receive all support by June 1st since the camps will be in July.

You can give through Paypal under WAYS TO GIVE / ALBANIA / ALBANIA RELIEF and when prompted please indicate that the money is for either the VBS or Youth Camp. Or you can send a check to : Step of Faith Ministry / PO BOX 805 / BRICK, NJ 08723

Thank you!

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