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Each summer Step of Faith partners with New City Fellowship Church in Atlantic City for a week of “flexible and pioneering” ministry!

This year we had a team of 15 arrive in AC at the beginning of August and stay for 6 days. Our days and nights were filled with opportunities to bring the love of Jesus to the community.

Specifically, we split our team this year and brought a 3-night bible club to two communities: Carver Hall and Brigantine Homes. Combined, each night there were between 20 – 40 children hearing about Jesus through the life of Moses. 

During the day we were asked to assist New City by ‘mapping’ parts of AC. Mapping meant that we broke into several small teams and walked through neighborhoods and the downtown taking surveys of people we met on the street as well as visited City Hall, Food Banks, Churches, etc. and spoke with their overseers and councilman about how New City can help connect the dots between the people. Helping to bring awareness to the issues that the people living in AC have, while coming up with solutions to those issues. Close to the end of our trip April and I had the opportunity to input all this information and see what it all looked like percentage wise.

Many team members commented that this was a great way to really get to know the city and its people. We had opportunities to have lengthy conversations with some of the folks we met and even prayed with some of them.

Our last day we spent at the beach with 11 of the children that came to bible club. It was a fun day to connect with them more and share a beach day together. 

We were also blessed to have New City’s newest interns with us this year, Jerusha and Lisi, who were once two of the little kids sitting on the tarp in Carver Hall!

Having a church in the inner city of AC is difficult. There are so many challenges that the church faces on a weekly basis. We are blessed to not only come along side Pastor Santo and his staff during this one week trip, but also through out the year.

New City continues to be a light to many. It’s light shines all the way to Brick, NJ where we had more of our Maple Leaf students [Maple Leaf was an off shoot of our trip to AC in 2012] join us this year in AC.

Please continue to lift this church and its people up. They are doing the work that is bringing glory to Jesus!

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