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If you were told in America that you were going to run a 4-day bible camp in the middle of an open field, no running water, bathrooms, or shelter, and that each day you were going to prepare and serve a hot meal for over 100 children…would you think it was possible?? Well in Haiti it is not only possible, but it happens frequently thanks to Joseph Israel, senior staff member of Aslan Youth Ministries Haiti, and Aslan Youth Ministries of NJ.

For 8 days I was blessed to serve along side my friend Tara, and a number of Haitian young adults, dear friends, as we blessed the children of Lac’ajue with a 4-day bible camp, handed out T-shirt dresses and T-shirts made by the children of Wall Intermediate School, handed out blankets and flip-flops to our friends, their families, and families in the Lac’ajue villages, fed them all a hot meal once a day, along with clean water, taught them new worship songs, taught them about the importance of cleaning their hands, played games, sports, and did arts & crafts, all while spreading the love of Jesus.

Each time I am back in Haiti, I am amazed at the “Just One Drop” progress that is being made. Joseph, with a vision and dream for the people of Lac’ajue, began a one day bible program in 2007. This one program as turned into 4 major programs during the year resulting in saved lives, educated children and hope for the future.

One program in particular took place for the first time this year. Joseph selected 45 young adults (17-24) and spent the summer educating them on the importance of purity and abstaining from sexual intimacy before marriage. He brought in doctors and nurses to educate them. Now, after the summer, Joseph is acquiring 10 questions from each doctor to use to test the young adults. After completing the program they will be rewarded with a special gift & have this knowledge to pass onto their peers.

I was equally blessed to see how young leaders are being raised up to lead their peers. Without these young people, Joseph would not be able to do all that he is doing. With them, Tara & I were able to run a camp of a total of 200 children!

Our last day before leaving, we brought 110 children to the beach as a reward for passing their grades and going to the next level of education.

All of this is made possible by generous donations, prayers and support. Please check back soon and hear more about our trip.

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