I’ll Praise Him Anywhere!!!

Step of Faith continues to make the needs and prayers known for our friends in Haiti… But today, we are celebrating with them as they begin 2 weeks of revival for the celebration of Thanksgiving for Aslan Youth Ministry, Step of Faith and Thy Will Ministry. 

We received videos today, of which I made a few pictures, of the congregation at the Maranatha Church in Lac’ajue celebrating and glorifying God. As Pastor Lupensky said in his message to me earlier today:






“By the grace of God, yesterday in the afternoon, we began our two weeks of revival for the celebration of Thanksgiving for our assembly and for the ministry Aslan Youth Ministry, Step of Faith Ministry and Thy Will Ministries. This is how the members of the church glorify the name of God and God gave us His blessing.”






This is a special time that I would have loved to be in Haiti for, if it weren’t for the unsettled times that still plaque this country. However, the hardships and uncertainties that they face day after day is not stopping them from worshipping and praising the Creator of the universe as they also thank and pray for all of those who continue to help them from afar. They miss us greatly. They pray for us daily. This is humbling.

The videos that we received showed the congregation dancing and praising as they walked, some sorta ran, around the church grounds, all meeting in the middle of the open “soccer” field to continue to praise Him. They then went under the roof of the church and continued shouting and praising Jesus, dancing and singing with such joy!

We can all learn from our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering around the world. Through great persecution can come greater revival! This is what we are praying for them over the next 2 weeks! Please join us in praying for them and with them!

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