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It just takes one


I wanted to share with you how one person’s desire to help can make a change in the lives of many.

Last summer after returning from Haiti, my friend Tara (who was on the trip) told me that she had a thought about how she could continue to help the children whom we had just served. Many of these children owned only one or two pieces of clothing, and some had none. Tara wanted to help cloth these children and provide┬áthem with”T-shirt dresses”. With persistence and prayer, Tara (a school teacher at Wall Intermediate School) was able to acquire a grant and permission for the entire 6th grade class (approx. 375 students) to take part in making these T-shirt dresses. She also was able to schedule me as a missionary speaker. I addressed the entire 6th grade class and gave them an introduction to the country of Haiti as well as spoke of Step of Faith’s involvment in the country of Haiti. With students, administrators and teachers present, I spoke for over an hour about the situation in Haiti. I showed a short DVD from our trip and finished with questions. I could have stayed another hour just to answer all the questions. Some children approached me afterwards with tears in their eyes asking how they too could get involved.

The dresses will be completed shortly, hand designed by the 6th grade class, and then sent to the children of Haiit. All this was made possible by one individual who chose not to look at Haiti and say, “why bother”, but instead looked into the eyes of its children and prayed, “what can I do?” It just takes one. Thank you Tara.

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