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Jesus ~ Maple Leaf & Halloween


For the first time in the 5 years Halloween fell on a Tuesday… and Tuesday means homework club at the Maple Leaf clubhouse. Many volunteers came out to show the kids love and lots and lots of candy!

But it wasn’t really about the candy…

Tom from St. Paul’s did an object lesson using a cross and a pumpkin. Teaching the kids the meaning of ‘sin’ and asking them about key points to understanding what Jesus did for us, the children interacted, had many of the answers and also learned the true meaning of Jesus’ love for us. Each child had the opportunity to put their hand inside of the pumpkin and pull out a whole handful of ‘yuckie stuff’ representing our sin and then put it at the foot of the cross, representing what Jesus did for us. It was powerful and memorable by all.

Next they had the opportunity to make 2 ‘eatable’ crafts and then enjoy some additional munchies before filling a bag full of candy and taking a small pumpkin home with them.

The room was filled with laughter and joy.

Also while we were there a few of us had the opportunity to talk with some students who needed to be reminded about ‘bullying’ and it finished well with a group hug. And one of our past students Rodrigo came to see us to let us know that he is going to Rider next year on a baseball scholarship. Many reasons to celebrate what the Lord is doing in that place!

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