‘Just One Drop’ in Action…


Here is an inspirational post about one teenager’s heart to help the children at Danita’s orphanage in Haiti…

Dakota, a teen who I met years ago in Jersey when her family and I attended the same church, contacted me about her desire to do a fundraiser to help children in Haiti. Over the past couple of years, she has done various fundraisers in Virgina to raise money for other causes and now Haiti was in her sights.

After giving Dakota information pertaining to the various areas that SOFM supports, she decided to focus her efforts on raising money for more children to receive the whole food based nutrition through SOFM’s nutrition sponsorship program.

This past Saturday, Dakota and her friends set up a table in front of a local store in their hometown and over the course of 8 hours, raised enough money to sponsor 5 more children to receive the much needed nutrition. They had signs that read “Help Feed Orphans in Haiti” and a table of homemade desserts, pottery and knitted items. [see the pictures above]

Dakota is an example of someone with vision and examples the idea of “Just One Drop.”

It’s these young missional minded youth like Dakota, like Matt Smith, [who if you recall, raised money last year for the same cause in lue of receiving birthday presents and this year is asking his friends to bring a new pair of shoes for our New Shoe Collection for Haiti, instead of receiving birthday gifts] that are stepping out and living a mission-minded life, inspiring others, and bringing glory to the One who put the vision in their heart, Jesus Christ.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Dakota, her friends, and those who supported her cause, making this fundraiser such a success!

Just One Drop,



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