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Just One Gift for Christmas


Imagine growing up and never receiving one Christmas gift. Then one day you are holding tiny gifts in your hands for the first time and being told how much Jesus cares for you. That was my first experience in Haiti in 2007 when I went with Aslan Youth Ministry and experienced the joy of the children in Laca’jue as they received “Christmas in a Ziplock” The picture above is from that first collection…

Years later these children have grown up, some have moved on, many have stayed and more have come to live in Lac’ajue. 

So, this Christmas we are partnering with Aslan to help provide 250 Christmas in a Ziplock to the children of Lac’ajue! Many of which will be receiving this gift for the first time!

While many other wonderful things are happening in Lac’ajue… clean water, community bathrooms, medical clinic, church, feeding programs, education… a trip down to Haiti in November does not happen as often as other trips.

A few of us will be heading down to Haiti on November 23rd and while there we would like to bless the children with a Christmas gift. This is where you can help!

We are looking to provide 200 gifts for children and 50 gifts for youth. 

And it is easy to help!

Just get a 1-gallon ziplock bag [the kind with the hard plastic zipper at the top to insure the bags won’t come open in our duffle bags that we take to Haiti, and following our suggestions, but using your imagination, please fill a bag and get it to either SOFM or Aslan Youth Ministry by November 15th.

Here are some suggestions:

Children: hard metal toys (little cars, trucks, airplanes, etc) / small packs of tissues / barretts and beads for girl’s hair / travel size shampoo / hairbrush and combs / peg games / hacky sacks / pack of gum / hard candy / small bouncy ball / granola bars / beanie baby type plush animals / band-aids / toothbrush and toothpaste

Youth: pen/pencil and small writing pad / small packs of tissues / barrettes and beads for girls hair / travel size shampoo / hairbrush and comb / peg game / hacky sack / pack of gum / hard candy / granola bars / band-aids / toothbrush and toothpaste

You can contact me at with any questions or when you have a bag to drop off.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

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